Texas Dallas Young man choosing cowboy boots in western store

Choosing his cowboy boots
Choosing his cowboy boots
The pair that on his feet

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5 responses to “Texas Dallas Young man choosing cowboy boots in western store”

  1. It was a pleasure to read the list of movies and celebrities who wore boots in their roles. I’m always on the lookout in films both new and old for booted dudes. Here’s some films that have some great harness boot shots; the 1997 made for TV (Lifetime) film Badge of Betrayal stars Harry Hamlin as a corrupt small town sheriff who wears a very nice pair of harness boots. The best shot is when he puts his feet up on his desk and you can see the boot’s harnesses in full glory. Hamlin also wears nice fitting jeans I think are Levi 501’s. The other film that has some brief but great harness boot exposure is the 1976 film Vigalante Force. There’s a scene where a brawl breaks out in a bar of a speakeasy and lots of harness booted dudes are scene throwing punches. Not my kind of movie, but the boot action is fantastic. There’s one more film that has some good cowboy boot shots and that is the 1974 film Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Chris Kristofferson is scene in cowboy boots and the child actor, Alfred Lutter, who played the role of Tommy Hyatt, is in one scene dressed in a cowboy hat, jeans and fringe leather jacket wearing brown cowboy boots. There was also a mid 70’s era movie (I can’t remember the name of the film) that had a young James Woods who played a mechanic in the role that worn harness boots.


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