Video: Trooper Stafford – Laying Down The LAW Part 3


TROOPER STAFFORD plays a little rough with two young prisoners when trio is stranded in a cheap motel over night.

Then it’s UP YOURS SIR when the prisoners take control.

Click “Continue reading »” only if u are 18+.

[vimeo w=900&h=508]

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source: from the internet.

4 responses to “Video: Trooper Stafford – Laying Down The LAW Part 3”

  1. i wonder where you get the video from? i had seach everywhere for free bootlust video… but some is restricted in my country… and some is must pay…it’s good to know that you are one of the source of the video…thank you very much!!!
    please if you have more bootlust video…can you post it all in here…i really appreciate your hard word…
    * from a super bootlust maniac…hooray~~~


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