A rubber boots guy Encounter

Tonight was probably the craziest encounter in my life. I was working alone in the library and suddenly I saw a white guy in grey sweatshirt wearing a pair of black knee-high rubber boots and studying. My heart was beating so fast and I obviously had a big turn on in my pants.  His boots looked like those rubber boots that workers in Supermarket would wear. He has dark brown hair, half bald hair. He seemed like in his late-20 years old. He was really serious on his paper. I really wanted to say “Nice boots” to him and just get down and take some photos of his boots. His boots were awesome, I really liked the brown heel. They were really basic boots and wore by him. I had my lace up boots on my feet. We were the only people in the library and who were wearing boots. I had a few times that really to talk to him. My heart just felt like going to expose. I really wanted to talk to him, and I started to imagine what would happen. Would he let me take off his boots? Would he want to be friend with me? Is he nice? Is he going to talk to me? I don’t know. All I could think off was the sweat inside rubber boots and the aroma of his feet with rubber. I really wanted to touch them, feel them, and take them off from him. I had a huge bulge in my pants already. He went up to the bathroom and walked back, his boots are so hot. I know I have to talk to him, and I could not focus on my study.

I was lucky that he started to leave when the library is closing and I could have chance to talk to him when he was packing. I said “Hey, nice boots, where did you get them?” I really would like someone say this to me and ask questions about my boots which it is the point I wear boots. But I haven’t encounter that yet. Anyways, so he told me he got them in Valuevillage, a second-hand store or a military surplus store. He said they are really comfortable and he wears them whenever he feels like it and when it is raining. He said that he will wear them if he feels it is going to rain. And so I asked him why he wear boots to see if he is into boots, and he replied me that he wears them for the functionality but not for the look. He just wears them for self, but not work. He just wears them to keep his feet dry and so his pants. And so I walked with him for a little bit, and I did not think anything at all. I saw a branch and I pointed my finger to it and said “Can I see them?” He was so nice and he said “Sure.” And I said why don’t we go to a place that have more light and I lead him to a quiet place with light so I could talk to him privately.

We went to a quiet place. He put down his bag and so am I to make it feel like I really want to talk to him about his boots. He was a really nice guy and really try to answer my questions. He wore a size 11 and which means we can not swap our boots that on our feet. And he told me more about them. Even though I had boots on my feet but he was not interested in them. I told him I really like boots and it is uncommon to see guys wear boots. I asked him if people give you look when you wear them, and he said yes they do, and they are uncommon shoes. He seems to be okay with it. He wear them with wool socks because his feet will get cold with the rubber. I asked him does his feet sweats a lot and he said not really, they keep his feet dry and they will when he is due to activities. Beyond what I am planning, I asked “Can I see them?” and took off his right boots and handed it to me. Again, turn on right there. That was the first time I touched a man’s rubber boots after he has been wearing them for the whole day. I smelled it a little bit, rubber with his feet aroma. I put my hand inside them to check if it is dry inside. It is kind of moist inside, and I could feel his heat. I looked at them closely and they are made my BOSS. Man, you are my boss. And I asked to become my model so I could take a few shoots with him and so he put back on his boots. He was super nice and it was not uncomfortable at all. But he said he had to go because he needed to go to work. I wish I could contact him later so we can talk more about boots but I feel like he is not really into boots. So I just walked with him a little bit and said “Nice to meet you, Max” and walked away.

The whole encounter was really cool made me think that to meet a bootman in real life is pretty hard. They are hard to find and sometimes they are nice but they would not really want to know you. Some people just wear boots because of the functionality, not the look. Some people wear them for work. I felt that Internet is really a great place for bootmen to keep connected and to interact. This blog is a great place for me to express and meet more bootmen. I would love to post more stuffs on here so I can show you that you are not the only one who likes boots.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wrote kind of long this time and I really want to tell you what happened to my life tonight. Please comment if you have any thoughts or you had a similar encounter.

8 responses to “A rubber boots guy Encounter”

  1. The kind of rubber boot encounter I’ve dreamt about my entire life. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a guy in rubber boots–and the fact he was so willing to talk to you about them means he’s a real cool guy. Good going!


  2. I wear Rubber Boots almost all the time. For functional wear and just for the heck of it. Don’t really care what folks think. They may look Odd but…….So What.My feet do get very cold quick,so i wear very thick Boot socks and a pair of Hunter Boots. Men size 11. I wear them down city streets and not one glance from anyone, again not that I really give a Crap.


  3. Loved hearing about this experience. I love wearing tall boots in public with tight jeans (usually women’s styles– including glossy Hunter rain boots and different styles of knee-high or over-the-knee leather boots). I love it when people notice and ask me about them– and I enjoy hearing from others who are into boots.


  4. I’ve been excited mostly by harness boots ever since I was a young child. The greatest harness boot encounter that I delightfully remember (in my youth) is when I was a freshman is high school. There was this guy who was also a freshman who was tall, lanky and average looking. One day during period change I saw him walking towards me amongst the crowd of other students. He had on dark stonewahsed blue Levi 501’s, a brown leather belt with a large western buckle, a red plaid flannel shirt, a stone washed blue Levi’s jacket with the sherpa lining, a dark brown cowboy hat and on his feet was a pair of gorgeous Frye 12R mahogany colored harness boots. I felt an almost instant bulge in my crotch after seeing that hot cowboy attire and those harness boots! This was back in the early 1980’s when campus boots, cowboy boots and harness boots were still a popular part of men’s attire. Though very few students at my high school wore cowboy or harness boots, it was a deight to see one of the guys in them. Even after all these years I can still see that guy in high school “walking past me” in those knock out harness boots. I didn’t get my first pair of harness boots (Dingo’s) until a few years ago. Now I wear them almost daily. They are darn near the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. And man do they look cool:)


  5. That was an awesome encounter! I’m so glad the guy was willing to talk to you about his boots and even let you look at them. Even if he’s not a bootman as we are, he obviously likes to wear rubber boots. A very cool story.


  6. Hey. Great knowing you having such an awesome encounter! As always, I admire you admitting your fetishes and daring to talk about it publicly. Even more, you had the courage to go up to a complete stranger who could possibly be your friend’s friend. You are awesome and thanks for sharing! x

    love from Hong Kong


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