Guys pulling boots off…

I like seeing a guy in nice boots, mostly harness or cowboy boots, as much as any of you, but I get really turned on by thinking about what he’s wearing inside his boots. Few years ago in Junior high, I saw a cute guy changing in the PE locker room, pulling off his cowboy boots to reveal he was wearing bright red wool socks. Ever since, this has been a secret turn on for me. Western movies or TV shows with any scenes where a cowboy had his boots taken from him and was left in his socks also became a big turn on. And also any civil war movies with any scenes where a solder has his boots cut off from him, I would imagine they got to wear their tall boots all day long with pride.

If you have any experiences, please leave a reply here.

Thanks, guys.

10 thoughts on “Guys pulling boots off…

  1. I love to have my cowboy boots taken off. As a young boy I always wanted someone to pull off my boots and socks. I was a shy boy so it didn’t happen. I loved to play outside in a field where no one could see me. I wore my Dad’s black rubber boots with red soles. They were huge on me but I loved them. I would see how far I could kick them off. I’d take off a piece of clothing each time till i was just in my briefs. I still love to kick off my boots to this very day, 😀


  2. Me to. I like seing men pulling their boots off. Cowboy boots (like Rock Hudson en Giant) but especially tall riding boots. But, it’s rare in movies or tv shows…


    1. It really turns me on to wear my boots, also tall riding boots… But what strangely turns me on even more, is pulling them off while others may watch me doing so.


  3. Yeah, I love to see guys in tall boots struggling as their forcibly pulled off of them. I love watching movies and tv shows that features this, as well as stories and books.
    I also have some video clips that I’ve saved over the years that feature this.


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