Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots Reviews

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I am a guy and I just bought a pair of AMAZING Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots in women’s size from endless.com. I cannot understand why they call this a pair of women’ boots since they are identical to the Dr. Marten’s Unisex Original 20 Eye Boots (in Men’s size), but with side zippers and taller with a wider shaft. I love the side zippers because I don’t like lacing and unlacing them every single time I wear them. It takes less than a minute to put them on or off, not spending 10 minutes lacing or unlacing the 80 holes. I bought the smooth leather option, they are stiffer leather but can cast your leg firmly. They also have an option with softer Buttero leather. I really like these pair of boots and I have been wearing them at home to break them in for the past 24 hours. They are really comfortable. They basically look identical to the unisex model, I bet no one can tell if you are wearing a pair of women’s boots. Even if they know, maybe they are into boots too. For sizing, I have a pair of the unisex 20 holes boots in men’s size 9 and you just go up 2 sizes in women’s size (11). I bought them over endless.com because they have free return service in case they don’t fit you. So I did not mind pay a little extra in case I needed to return them due to wrong sizes. I think for this price is cheap! They have high quality leather, the zippers work great! They are very high quality boots even though there were MADE IN CHINA. I want to wear these EVERY DAY.

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Product Description

This fabulous 20-eyelet leather boot lacesall the way to the knee–with a time-saving side zipper for easy access. Another smashing style from Dr. Martens, this gorgeous high-riser is fashioned in rich smooth leather and sports a rounded toe, along with the Doc’s iconic yellow stitching and signature heel pull tab. This edgy style is built on the original Dr. Martens comfort last with the air-cushioned sole you’ve come to know and love.


Left 9663                                                                    Right 1B60 with zippers

Brand new from the box.
They are really hot boots!

Stay tuned. More photos will be uploaded.Hot boots!

5 responses to “Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots Reviews”

  1. Hi I found these various types of brown combat boots that Sri Lankan Commandos wear. If you can identify them it would be helpful.


  2. Great Boots. I too have a pair of 20 eye zipper as well as 20 and 22 hole lace up they all feel and look great just quicker to get on and off.


  3. These boots are really nice. Some time ago I also thought about getting such boots but then I had tho confess that they do not fir the style I ususally wear (which you can see on my blog 🙂 ).


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