Stories: Pulling off a pair of Wesco Boss boots

Last night I finished work at 11 pm and I had the urge to go to the gay bar in Capital Hill in Seattle. I had 10 minutes to think should I go or not, I had to 2 times that I can go home but I just decided not to waste tonight chance to meet some guys. I went to the Cuff at around 12 pm. But I did not get in, once I parked my car, I saw 2 guys was wearing 2 pair of hot boots. I approached them and asked them can I take a picture of them. And one of them it actually a transgender and the other guy has eyeliner around his eyes. She was wearing a big coat with Wesco jobmaster and the other guy was wearing a pair of German officer boots with a black leather jacket and a black tight sketch pants. And I just took a pictures of their boots and left. I was wandering around the block and try to see if more guys would wear boots and just came out from the cuff. I saw a few guys was wearing harness boots and cowboy boots. But they are all like 40 years old. So that is kind of what I thought that in the cuff complex, they are mostly pretty mature I would say. And then I spotted a guy wearing nothing but a pair of knee high Wesco engineer boots at around 1:30 am or so. He just walked out and I stalked him. What he was wearing just a leather underwear and harness on his body. He got a nice pair of Wesco boss boots though. He was wearing a clear rain coat. When I was stalking him, he walked really fast. I was stalking behind him, and I heard a couple standing outside of a bar and commented on him that “That’s the hill! You can see some weird people at night.” It was kind of a negative comment to me and him. Because I was stalking him. Again he walked really fast. I ran a little bit to get closer to him. He wasn’t aware that someone is behind him even though he heard my footsteps. We passed by 7 eleven, and really wanted to approach him and a cowboy passed by him noticed me was stalking him and gave me a smile. So I just went straight to the guy I was stalking and approached them. He is not a guy, he is a man with beard. I told him I am really into boots and already have a boots collection. He is 50 years old, and he is old enough to be my father. That’s why he did not care even if someone is stalking him. I told him I stalked him from 7 eleven instead of I stalked him from all the way from the cuff. I asked him can I try them on? At first he asked me to do at the corner but he invited me to his place. I told him how much I love boots and how much knowledge I know about boots. I even have more pairs of boots than him, he only has 2 pair of boots they are the high quality one. So that’s kind of change my mind of getting more boots, but only getting some high quality boots. He is very nice, he did not feel weird at all. I asked him did a lot of guys like his boots and he said yes, and like a lot of guys would ask him “where did you get them?”. He got this pair of boots in San Francisco, in Mr.S leather. Later I found out they sell boots in cheaper prices than Stompers boots. I may go get a pair of Wesco boots from them too.

I went to his place, he got a nice house. But it is very empty. No furniture except a red couch next to the door. He was sitting in front me still wearing his boots. I asked him can I take them off for you? And I grabbed his boots and took them off. And I asked for permission to smell them. He asked me to take off his socks too. I smelled his socks and it smell like sour and cream chips. He asked me to lick his feet but I am not really into it. I am more into boots! But I was turned on. I grabbed his feet and put it on my hard cock inside my jeans. It felt great and he was messaging it using his feet. I was aroused. I asked can I try them on and he said yes and he grabbed my boots and took my boots off for me. I tried to pull them on but the boots opening is very small for my calves with jeans. So I had to take off my jeans and pulled them on. This was so hot. They were very tall and just below my knee. He asked me do I jerk off with boots on and I said yes. And he said feel free to do it. It was kind of uncomfortable at first. I took off my clothes and starting to jerking off. He took out his camera and start taking photos and he said I will send the photos to you later. I start jerking off with his boots on. These pair of boots felt like a glove to my feet. They are very tall, with a very high quality leather. I asked him to sit next to me while I was cumming. And I asked him to his in front of me and grabbed the boots. And I cummed. And he gave me a pair of his socks to clean it up. He asked me if I want to suck his dick but I felt that I am not ready for it and I did not do it. He tried to suck my dick and he was getting this dick hard. But I refused it and ruined his mood to jerk. And I tried them on for a little bit and he asked me to leave. He took off his boots for me. And I got my stuffs back and walked out from his house. He said feel free to knock on his door again to try them on. He gave me his card and told me he would email the photos he token to me. And I thanked him. He is a good man, and he is a mixed, he is a Mexican-Japanese descent.

After I walked out from the house, I felt kind of weird and I just went straight back to my house. But I would still say this is an interesting experience. Tonight is an interesting night for me and I am glad I did not go home.

Now I know what to do, instead of spending $500 on a pair of Ralph Lauren boots, but spend it on a pair of Wesco boots and might even sell other pairs of boots to eBay to decrease my boots collection to only some really nice boots instead.

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  1. I have to agree on the owning of lots of boots. I don’t do it. I only keep what I can wear in a week. I keep pairs that are useful and look good, but also comfortable as well.
    I have 5 pairs including muck boots for wet and muddy conditions, atv boots for riding 4 wheelers with friends, knee moccasin boots (they’re just so comfortable and casual), soft black leather OTK boots for the Ren Faire or going to the gay bars, and Ugg boots for those cold nights or if you just want to pop out to the store for a quick item.
    I would get some tall boots like chippewa or wesco’s, but I’d need to go in for a fitting first.


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