This video collection is all about WHO’S REALLY IN CONTROL. The IMPERSONATOR is high on a POWER TRIP. He’s sure the stolen motorcop uniform and those high black boots he’ s wearing as he struts into Jake’s pad will intimidate JAKE. The boy will have to obey any order he is given.   And every order will lead step by step to the boy’s total humiliation! But our boy JAKE has read his morning newspaper.
Jake will play along but allow the IMPERSONATOR to go only so far before he springs a nasty trap on him.

In sex as in all of life – KNOWLEDGE = POWER!

Imagine a COP in his Dehner standing outside of your door

Click more only if you are 18+.

Taking off your clothes…..
So relaxing with his tall cop boots on
Now, clean my boots!
Go Lick them now, boy!
"Lick my boots like you in love with them. Lick them like a cat!"
Keep licking my boots, boy!
Take my boots off!
Taking my sock off and Sniff my feet!
Kiss my feet now! I need a massage after a long day of work.
That’s hot! Time to do some business.
Click here for the full length video!

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