Update of my life

ImageSorry guys, I haven’t post about my life for a while. I should go out and take some pictures of myself with my boots on. Let me tell you guys some updates. I purchased a pair of Wesco 18″ engineer boos boots from Mr.S leather for about $450. It is the same price of iPad 2, but I rather spend it on a nice quality boots. And because of that, I am selling some of my boots on eBay now. Not because they are not good as Wesco boots. But I just don’t want to own too many pairs of boots and leave some boots sit in my closet everyday. Life has been treating me quite well, I started to use Grindr and met some guys in the Great Seattle Area. Had some fun dates. But I did not really keep up with them after few weeks due to some shits. However, it was a fun experience that kept me busy for the past few weeks. I learned more how about relationships. I am looking forward for more opportunities now. Plus I am starting to see someone else now.


Boots that I am selling right now
All American Motorcycle Cop Boots Mens Size 9.5

All American Patrol motorcycle cop boots http://www.ebay.com/itm/290702237964

Devon-Aire Knee High Riding Boots Mens 8.5

Devon Aire Riding Boots

2 responses to “Update of my life”

  1. wished I would have known as I would have bid or purchased directly from you. As Henry said above, sad to see you go but life must go on.


  2. A sad, Sad day. No more cool riding boots. No more cool photos of you in those great boots.
    Wescos are great. You look great in them. But it seems all the guys in the USA have them and we see so few young guys in Tall riding boots.


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