Bootsighting At School

Fall is HERE and that means Boots Season is here.

It’s time to look at what’s on guys’ feet.

3 responses to “Bootsighting At School”

  1. I’ve got a pair of Frye 12R’s exactly like that in gaucho. I have never worn a more comfortable piece of footwear than my Ftye’s. I only wish that more guys would take notice of these fantastic boots and discover the versatility, durability, extremely great looks and comfort these boots offer. Even in the hot summer my feet stay cool in my boots. To see an abandonment of guys wearing those horrible and unsightly flip flops and sandals would be a revelation.


  2. How could you get any study done- so hot in the library! But. A cool young man in boots is a wonderful seasonal sight on campus


  3. Fucking hot, stud. I have those Frye harness boots and love wearing them around. Wish you’d caught me wearing them in the library. Welcome back!


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