First boots conversation with a motorcycle cop

IMG_0004Today I suddenly had a feeling I want to go to McDonald’s for brunch.  I was thinking just grab and go via drive thru. But then I saw a nice Harley Davidson motorcycle with “Police” on it. I parked right next to it. And I ran inside as fast as possible and I spotted there is a motorcycle cop with his tall cop boots on sitting alone at a corner. It is really rare to see motorcycle cops in Seattle and especially they have their boots on. So I went right to my car to grab my stuffs so I could pretend I was studying while checking out his boots. This is my lucky day I thought. Good thing I had my Dr.martens 20 holes boots with me. I was thinking this would be the first time I am wearing a pair of knee high boots with a booted cop.

I was really nervous and excited. It was good the seat wasn’t taken. And it was good we have so gap from all other tables in the restaurants. I put out all my stuffs on the table. But I just could not take my eyes off them. I saw him flexing his toes inside the big tall cop boots. They are shiny as hell, very stiff leather. I pull out my phone and secretly took a few pictures of his boots. This is the first time I sit really close with a motorcycle cops that I have been dreaming a lot. He is a middled age guy with his glasses on reading newspaper. I heard his radio was on a few time. I was worried he was going to leave soon. I wanted to start a conversation but I got too scared. It was not crowded in the restaurant, it is not easy to have to chance for a cop to sit right next to you. I won’t see these people again. I knew I would be regret it if I did not ask him questions. So while he was about to leave, I said “Can I ask you some questions about your footwear?” And then we started talking.

First, I asked him “How do you feel about wearing them all day long?” and he said he works 7 days a week, and he wears them 12 hours every day. He feels grate about them. And then I asked if they are his only pair and he said he has 4 pairs to rotate, he rotates it every 2 days because they get really wet inside. They only last couple years and I was wondering what does he do with his worn out boots but I forgot to ask. He also told me at least your feet would get swollen a bit. At first, they might cause you blisters around the ankle area and they takes 3 weeks to break in. He put powders to keep them dry and insole for extra comfort. He told me he got his boots from the police department and they were custom made by All-American Boots Company. I did not know they make custom boots too. They are very stiff leathers but they are easy to shin because they have a plastic coat on top of the leather. Beside, he told me he put them off at home and have his bike with him. I saw he has a ring on his hand. When every time he gets home, he can’t wait to take them off and put on tennis shoes. He needs a boot pull to take them off. The most interesting part is he said, when it is really hot in the summer, they get wet so fast and he wears thinner socks, I am always curious about how that feel like. He puts powder to help drying them.

He looked at my boots too. Like I said, I was wearing a pair of Dr.Martens 20 holes. He asked them too, he liked the air sole which feel like walking on air.

He is a cool and friendly man. He looks like he is around 50 years old. I even asked him if I could take a pic of him and he said yes. It was a really cool experience.

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