Newest Acquisition: Aigle Rubber Riding Boots

My newest acquisition, Aigle Riding Boots M. I bought them on during a sale couple weeks ago. They are very comfortable and have a good supporting sole. They are rubber but have a leather like look. Currently I am wearing them so I can tell you everything about them. They are made in France. They have a very snug fit. I guess it is because they are designed for European, not American. I have normal or slimmer calves but I can only wear them with super skinny jeans or tights. I can’t wear them with regular or slim jeans. I guess this is because they have different fits, M, L, XL and XXL. I assume that XXL is for people with bigger calves and longer legs. As far as the sizing, I usually wear size US 9 and I ordered 8.5. They fit fine. They don’t have a strong rubber smell due to they are highly handcrafted. They are 100% waterproof so they are great for Seattle rainy weather. I have been wearing them for a couple hours, and they are really comfortable so far. I actually like the tight feeling so I can feel the boots is hugging my calves. Great for walking and playing in the rain. It is a good buy if you are looking for a pair of riding boots to play around with, or at a much lower price than buying a pair leather made riding boots.

Definitely Give a try!

Buy Them @ Amazon
They actually come with 6 different calf widths. They have the calf circumferences listed on their website.

5 responses to “Newest Acquisition: Aigle Rubber Riding Boots”

  1. I have Very Big Calves but not very tall legs, and I wear a size 12. Looking to buy a size 14 so that I can fit into them. I have two pairs of Rubber riding boots, One fits very tight and hard to take off, the Other has elastic ban around the calf so that I can get them on and off, Tried many sites that sell rubber riding boots for Bigger Guys like me. I’m very Husky Built. I went Onto the Aigle web site and they don’t carry size 14, Where else can I find a pair that carries size 14.


  2. I bought a pair of these about 3 years ago except with a tan colored top that made them look more like polo boots and they really do look like them and are comfortable for all day wear and I also bought some riding pants that fit right down into the boot. They are definitely a good boot and a good buy and as you mentioned, great for our rainy muddy weather as you just wash with water. Good choice!


  3. I have a low pair of their boots for rainy days. I don’t think I could get these to fit my calves but Aigle makes a great boot. And we know a great boot makes men look great!


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