Tv Bootsighting: 10 items or less

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I have been on Netflix a lot recently. There are couples good TV shows with hot guys in boots. This week I am going to recommend you guys this TV comedy show, 10 items or less. It is about a local supermarket with a hot butcher in cowboy boots works there. This is not the movie but the tv series by TBS Networks. You might get result of a movie if you google it. The hot cowboy butcher’s name is Todd, portrayed by Chris Payne Gilbert. In the series, he always has his tan distressed cowboy boots with a pair of white pants. They are very eye catching plus he always cross his legs to show off his boots.You can’t miss this show. It is goofy but at least you can check him out. One episode he dressed up as a patriot, I believe it is season 2 episode 8: The Ren Fair. He had a pair of knee high vintage riding boots on and he was riding a coin Operated Horse with no shirt. What a bootsighting. You can see his socks and his nice body.  The only reason I watch this show is because of him.



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