Bootlust: I want your boots, Trooper STAFFORD

Bootlust: I want your boots, Trooper STAFFORD



Jack STAFFORD is obviously proud of his uniform and he image of invulnerability it gives him. He pauses to admire himself in a full length mirror as he pulls on each piece of motor cop gear- his riding breeches, gun belt, leather jacket, helmet, and PATROL BOOTS.

Opening scenes inspired by that greatest of all Motor Cop movies: ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE

Enter a tall kid with a high voltage TASER hidden in the back pocket of his jeans. He ZAPS Jack to the max and doesn’t stop til the trooper lies sprawled out at the kid’s feet, his powerful muscles   twitching….useless. Is Jack trying to run? His boots spaz around in pointless little circles on the carpet reminding the kid of the way a sleeping dog’s legs move when he’s having a bad dream. No way Jack can stop the kid as he yanks down Jack’s uniform breeches and jams a needle filled with horse tranquilizer into Jack’s butt.

Then the kid is free to take what he came for.

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