Cowboy Boots on Asian Men?

12748003_10153351908406625_8218499067961687180_oI have lived in America for awhile and I have always been fascinated by men wearing cowboy boots in public. I like the masculine look of a pair of worn cowboy boots. Cowboy boot heels have such a distinct clicking sound. I could tell by hearing if a man has a pair of cowboy boots on his feet around me in public, on the streets, in shopping centers, etc. Men who wear cowboy boots in my mind usually present as confident, masculine, strong, powerful individuals. This type of footwear represents the classic American cowboys from the mid-west. They are beautiful crafted with the decorative  stitchings, and the unique pointed toes. Some people wear them because everyone in town are wearing them, some people wear them for the protection or working in a farm. It shows a man cares about his choice of footwear but it is very subtle when most men wear boots under their jeans, but rather wearing a pair of sneakers just like everyone else.

I have an interesting boot encountering story today. I was wearing my Justin Apache cowboy boots walking in a shopping mall.I saw a clean-cut man walking toward me. He was wearing a birch color military jacket with four pockets in the front, with a pair of shiny black cowboy boots and jeans. He caught my attention and I could tell instantly that he was wearing boots from a far away. As we were passing each other, I tried to look down to his boots and see how beautiful they are. And when I looked up again, he looked at me and said “Nice boots!” I was nervous and I said my appreciation “Thank you” super quietly and we walked past each other. I think he definitely noticed me I was staring at his boots, and he enjoy wearing cowboy boots himself. I could feel my ears were warm afterward and was very happy that he complimented on my cowboy boots tonight. I felt like a validation from a stranger who is also into boots confirming cowboy boots look good on me.


I wear all kind of boots in public but cowboy boots is the last type of boots that I am confident enough wear them in public and would look good wearing in them. From looking around, I have only seen white men wear cowboy boots. I rarely have seen any Asian men wearing cowboy boots in public. I purchased a pair long time ago, but they have also been sitting in my closet forever. It is always the pair of boots that I would only wear at home secretively, checking myself out in front of my mirror, and a type of boots that I switch to wear something else last minutes before I heading out.

The reason that I started to wear cowboy boots is because a fellow bootman told me I would be look so good in them this January. I am wearing them at this moment and they have been on my feet all day. I like the feel they wrap about my feet and the shafts touching my calves. I enjoy the tough leather, the arch of the sole, the beautiful stitching, the heel clicking sounds, the way they make me stands taller, the perfect look of the boots with a pair of rigid blue jeans and they keep my feet warm and moist all day.

So my question to you is do you see Asian men around you wearing cowboy boots? What do you think about Asian men wearing cowboy boots?


8 responses to “Cowboy Boots on Asian Men?”

  1. I always say wear what you like and do what you want as long as no one is hurt in the process. There is no rule that an Asian man cannot wear western boots. I have several pair and wear them often. I like the fit, look, and feel. I prefer used boots as they are already broken in and have more character. But all in all there is no race or class guidelines for clothing, in my point of view,


  2. I wish more asian men would wear cowboy boots in public. I’m asian and always loved boots. Started wearing cowboy boots in my 20s. Had a pair of Justin black lizard skin roach killers. Thought if I was going to wear cowboy boots, I was going all the way. None of those sissy round toes for me! This was back in the 80s when cowboy boots were all the rage with urban cowboys everywhere. I don’t wear them much anymore as they seem to be out of fashion :(. But there’s still nothing hotter than cowboy boots on a hot muscular stud, Asians included!

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  3. I am Asian and have been wearing boots for about 30 years. Started with cowboy boots in the mid 80s as they were the only boots I knew of and were on display in Western Wear stores. By the mid 90s when the internet became widely accessible, I discovered Roper boots which pass off as dress shoes when worn under pants. Also Dehner boots and other biker boots. If broken in properly, boots are immensely comfortable. I hate laces and the only boots I own with laces are hiking boots.

    Good quality boots cost more, but well worth the money as they are durable and give you ankle support. The worst boots I owned was a pair of Ariat Ropers. The leather was thin and too soft to give my ankles any support. My feet hurt after long walks as the leather stretched and the boots became too large.

    I also own pull on work boots, Chippewa Harness and Engineer boots. Total strangers have complimented my boots and asked where I bought them. Women have asked me where I bought them as they would like their husbands to wear them.

    I think many men would like to wear boots if only they knew where to purchase them. Boots are rarely sold in shoe stores or departments stores except the ones from fashion houses that are exquisitely expensive. Some people told me they wouldn’t buy footwear without trying them on in a store so buying online is not an option. Many brick and mortar Western stores have closed in major cities except for Texas and a few States out west.

    You just wear them and not be afraid of what people think or say. Be confident. I have only received compliments and envy from men too timid to wear them.

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  4. Hi Wabootboy and other guys,

    I’d like to see more Asian guys wearing cowboy boots. I’m not Asian, I’m wearing cowboy boots (and jeans) since many years. It feels as my special style. But here in Holland you are almost the only one. Recently I met an Asian guy in my supermarket, he was wearing cowboy boots. I couldn’t help to start a talk with him and we agreed to have a drink together in a few weeks. I really regret we never had that drink. I live in Holland, it’s very hard to meet here other guys who like to wear cowboy boots. I have a good nose for notice them, but seeling a booted guy ones a year is much nowadays. So Asian guy, keep wearing your Justin cowboy boots and visit the Netherlands as soon as possible! :-). By the way, I once bought a pair of Justin cowboy boots in Dallas, ones of my favorites now, the shop was an eldorado for me. Nice to get a reaction.

    Regards, JanPaul

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    • Hi. I’m a Dutchman, I like Asian guys and I like wearing cowboy boots. Always nice to read that there are Asian guys who also like wearing cowboy boots!!

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  5. I’m not Asian but love to wear my cowboy boots. I have wore them for years.The more you wear them the more confidant you will become. I’m sure you look good in them. I haven’t seen anyone that hasn’t looked good in them. I have three pair. My Dad bought me a pair many years ago. My Dad is now gone so they are a treasure for me. My Mom bought me a pair two years ago and I bought a black pair last summer.


  6. Hi WAbootboy~

    This is my first time on your awesome website. Nice to be in the company of other boot lovers.

    I totally agree with your observations about the rarity of Asian men wearing cowboy boots. However, I’m Asian also, and have been wearing mostly cowboy boots for years, and I can’t remember receiving any negative comments about it. In fact, I’ve lived in Los Angeles, and now Sacramento, and if anything, I’ve received admiring glances and comments like “Nice boots!”. If you wear your boots underneath your jeans, you tend to blend in more with other guys on the street, even with the taller style of “buckaroo” boots, and if anyone notices, chances are they’re too timid to say anything anyway (which is a shame, because I’m guessing there’re a lot more bootmen out there than we think…they’re just shy). But I think you’re right, we boot wearers tend to be a bit more confident than the average Joe, even if we’re Asian!


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