2016 Updates

12186343_979089738818491_62797106309669846_oHello everyone, it has been awhile since I published any blog posts and made any changes to the blog. I am still alive and in the process of being a hot bootman. Yes! I wear boots everyday to everywhere, to work, to travel.

Since I haven’t posted any updates for awhile, here is some of my highlights so far:

  • I am openly gay to my family, friends and work.
  • I believe my boots collection has grew up to around 33 pairs. I need to cut down some of my boots by selling them on eBay.
  • I have travelled to multiple fetish events since September 2014. (Folsom 14/15, MAL 15/16, IML 15)
  • I have my own leather outfit (leather shirt, pants, Sam browne belt, armbands, Garrison cap)
  • Recent updates to my boots collection: 2 x  Dehner Patrol Boots, Justin Apache cowboy boots…)

P.S. I have finally using a new blog template. It took me a long time to choose a new one. (More exciting contents are coming)

3 responses to “2016 Updates”

  1. I love reading your blog about Boots, especially Rubber Riding Boots,when are you going to d another blog about Rubber Riding Boos. Also,more Guys should wear Rubber Boots, I have 20 pairs of rubber boots and 5 pairs of Cowboy Boots. Also have three pairs of Rubber Riding Boots, they are my favorate and I wear them Almost everyday. Would love to see You in Rubber Ridong Boots again.


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