Wearing Cowboy Boots in Public

Justin Bent Rail Cowboy Boots – Puma Tan

Recently I have been seeing some comment from the readers on the previous post of my thoughts on Asian men in cowboy boots. I am more draw into the look of the cowboy boots after seeing many hot men in cowboy boots on Instagram. I think wearing cowboy boots is still one of the challenges I have in my life. I did not grew up here in the USA and there aren’t many people around wear cowboy boots especially if they are Asians. Wearing cowboy boots is such an iconic look of the Americans. The look of the boots is very sharp, pointed and aggressive compares to other kinds of boots. I can wear my harness boots because it is a motorcycle wear. I can wear my riding boots, engineer boots, rubber boots and lace-up boots. As of today, I still get a nervous feeling when I wore my cowboy boots in public and/or in front of my friends. It is not a boots that you can conquer. The masculine look of the boots, the clicking heels and the unusual pointed toes.  I have been building up my body by going the gym and not shaving my facial hair to have a figure that looks stronger and more masculine and make the boots looks hotter on me (not the other way around). As of today, I still have the feeling of I am not muscular enough to wear them and mostly because of my race. I was telling myself that cowboy boots does not look good on me because I am Asians. It is very rare seeing a guy wearing cowboy boots out since it is not a popular thing anymore, and it is even harder to see an Asian man wearing a pair. I have wore them today in public to my friends. I was feeling so self-conscious and uncomfortable when someone looking at my boots or I think they were about to look at my boots. I have that feeling even my friends I was seeing know I have a thing with boots and I always wear boots whenever I go. Have you guys felt that for a kind of boots that you like but you can’t wear them in public? Share it with me and have some conversations.

If you are wondering what boots am I wearing when writing this post, I am wearing the Justin 11 inches Bent Rail Cowboy boots Puma Tan color. I have added a link here in case you like them and want to buy a pair for yourself

12 responses to “Wearing Cowboy Boots in Public”

  1. I grew up in Dallas Texas, and even while I was there I wore sneakers. It wasn’t until I reached my late teens that I started wearing boots. Before that time, all my friends knew me as a really fashionable guy. So the first time I wore boots, it felt very weird, like I should not be allowed to wear them. Here is what I did, and what you need to do……
    Wear the shit outta them. Be the man you want to be. It’s not the boots that will make you look more manly, it’s the confidence to be like “yeah, I’m an Asian, and I’m wearing boots cause I’m an American man, and I want to wear em. If you have a problem with that, ill shove this boot so far up your ass, that you will taste its leather!” Really though, wear em enough to make them a part of you. Boots are awesome, and I’ve never gone back to wearing any other kind of shoe.

    From: A Caucasian brother in cowboy boots.


  2. I am Asian and I wear western boots. I don’t see why anyone cannot. Latin cowboys, American Indians, and all other persons have worn them. Just because some are associated with them does not mean others cannot wear them. Wear what you like, with pride.


  3. It’s interesting to read about the intimidation of wearing cowboy boots. As a Texan, as well as a muscular masculine guy, I don’t think twice about it. I wear cowboy boots probably more days than not. Don’t be shy — wear cowboy boots! I can tell you that I’ve never seen any guy wearing cowboy boots and thought he looked uncomfortable or out of place in them. Sure, guys who grow up wearing boots can own the look in a way other guys don’t, but I’ve never see anyone stick out for wearing them. If a Texan who grew up wearing boots doesn’t notice anything, no one else could. (And when a Texan says “boots” he always means cowboy boots.)

    As for Asian guys wearing boots, I wish more would! I think Asian guys are sexy and I love guys in boots, so seeing an Asian guy in cowboy boots would be an incredible turn on. And if I could get you alone with my boots, spurs, hat, and chaps…

    I’ve known plenty of straight guys who moved to Texas and got cowboy boots. They didn’t need a reason other than thinking they looked kick ass. And you don’t have to live in Texas to like that look. If anyone asks, just say you always thought cowboy boots looked sharp. And a friend in Texas told you to get a pair. 😉


  4. In my opinion boots in general are very cool, if they are worn from guys, which are not so typically “hard americans”. Smother guys in Cowboyboots are the hottest thing on earth:-)


  5. I wear pointy toes cowboy boots with 6 to 7 inch heels and very short low rise shorts in public (mostly hiking). I also wear a sheer stocking thong with a chain up the butt and a big Western Belt. Cowboy boots with these toes and heels conquer you, You’ll think you’re in heaven. These boots and shorts and thong take over your person and totally control you. I love every minute of it. Be proud, and wear duds like these. Make you feel like your in the old West.

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  6. First Off, it does not matter if you are Asian or not, if you love to wear Cowboy Boots Then just wear them. Who really cares what others say or think. Enjoy wearing them. I’m a Black Guy and I wear Cowboy Boots a lot and nobody gives me any grief. Just Enjoy them. I do Would Love to see You wear Your Rubber Riding Boots More Often. I have been looking at your pics of Rubber riding boots and they Look HOT.!! You should wear them More Out in Public.


  7. First: your Justin Bent Rail Cowboy Boots are great! I think about buying them as well. Putting on my cowboy boots always is a decision for me. I admire people who don’t care about what other people think of them. Sometimes I’m not self-confident enough. But my boots are my lifelong friends, so I want to go out with them. And I can say, by doing it again and again I feel more comfortable (my muscles are still modest, and I shave myself each day:-). Perhaps strange to say but wearing my tough cowboy boots also makes me feel vulnerable. Must be because boots are my lifelong very personal fetish. Going out with my boots is always a kind of coming out. What could help is having good friends who like to wear cowboy boots as well. It’s a pity they are hard to find these days. So great we have this website!! Some support is great. By the way: a self-confident Asian man wearing Justin Bent Rail Cowboy Boots must be great to see. So wear your tough boots. Sorry, my English isn’t perfect, I did my best 🙂


  8. I would say I have several boots I really can’t wear. Mostly rubber boots (looking out of place most of the time) and the aforementioned cowboy boots. They are really scary to try to pull off.


  9. Well Jon, the first time i wore cowboyboots i was around 16 years old. I bought em myself, secretly, because I liekd the sued cowboyboots a lot but didnt dare to wear em in public… So I wore em when i was lettign our dog out or when i went to the youth club i was attending. And I always took my boots with me in a plastic bag, outside the house I took em on and when I returned back I had to get em off again and wear my normal shoes… After a year my mom found my cowboyboots in the closet in the hall, hidden behind other shoes in a plastic bag, and she asked me why I bought those boots while she never saw me wearing em… Well I answered that i wasnt sure if she liekd the boots at all. Oh yeah she said, they look smart on you, and since that moment I went almost every day inmy cowboy boots porud and out (well not out as a gay guy, but thats another story 😉 I was alwatys afraid that people would think I was gay just because I was wearing cowboyboots. But in the contrary, many traicgh boys and guys and men wore those cowboyboots becaue they were in fashion end eighties and early 90 ties..


  10. I wear cowboy boots in Toronto. I get looks, but I don’t care. If I saw your boots, I’d look at them and the hot man wearing them. Being Asian wouldn’t keep me from seeing you as a hot man in boots.


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