Boots of the day

Dr.martens 20 holes 1b60 boots Size Men's 9 Jeans: Banana Republic Sweater: Penguin Location: office.

2016 Updates

Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I published any blog posts and made any changes to the blog. I am still alive and in the process of being a hot bootman. Yes! I wear boots everyday to everywhere, to work, to travel. Since I haven't posted any updates for awhile, here is some of … Continue reading 2016 Updates

Cowboy Boots on Asian Men?

I have lived in America for awhile and I have always been fascinated by men wearing cowboy boots in public. I like the masculine¬†look of a pair of worn cowboy boots. Cowboy boot heels have such a distinct clicking sound. I could tell by hearing if a man has a pair of cowboy boots on … Continue reading Cowboy Boots on Asian Men?

Picture Collection: Equestrian Strip

Credits: StraightUpGuys

Bootlust: I want your boots, Trooper STAFFORD

The TASING Of Trooper STAFFORD Jack STAFFORD is obviously proud of his uniform and he image of invulnerability it gives him. He pauses to admire himself in a full length mirror as he pulls on each piece of motor cop gear- his riding breeches, gun belt, leather jacket, helmet, and PATROL BOOTS. Opening scenes inspired … Continue reading Bootlust: I want your boots, Trooper STAFFORD