Story: Early childhood fetish

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Posted by rocky1 (other posts) on May 01, 2006 at 19:04:37:

It all started when I was about 5 yrs. old. A girl next door was dating a serviceman and one particular night he was chasing me around the house and I snuck into the bushes in front of my house and he lost me. As he was slowly walking by the bushes, I was just gazing at his boots wondering if I should just jump out at them. That’s when I knew something was “going on”! This resurfaced when I was in high school. Back in the 80’s, many guys would wear workboots (loosely laced) and let me tell you, I couldn’t take my eyes off them! Also, high top sneakers were a definite turn on for me too! In gym, when playing basketball, I would hope to be picked by the jocks for their team so I could stare at their sneakers. After high school, it only got worse for me. By this time, I got interested in boots. Hikers, Engineer, Combat,Loggers. I thought I was gay because every time a guy had boots or sneakers on, I would check him out. Then I would fantasize about him in his boots. Many yrs. went by struggling about my sexuality. I even got married (woman) hoping it would all go away. Before I got married, I told her about my interests. She didn’t seem to mind. I think she had hoped that she could change me. NOT!!!!! 14 yrs. later and with 7 yr. old Twins, I am still very interested in boots and sneakers. Hoping to find other men in Rhode Island that I can speak to and maybe make my wife understand my interests and desires. Larry, one day I found your website and realized that I am not a freak and not the only one in this world who has a “LOVE” for boots. Thank You!

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Story: True Boot Story


Hey Bootmen,

A few weeks ago I posted a thread called “Boot Psychology.” I was really pleased to see the great response, and enjoyed reading about all of the personal preferences we have when it comes to boots. I mentioned that my favorite boot was a tall, preferably Wesco engineer boot. Well, this is what happened a few weeks ago at LaGuardia Airport.

I had just gotten out of a cab and was treated to the sight of a hot pair of what I thought were Wesco engineers on a great looking guy, standing outside the same door I was going through to check in for a flight. As he took a last drag on his Marlboro, he caught me grabbing a look at his boots. We exchanged smiles, and I kept on going, trying to keep my heart from skipping a beat. I checked in, got through security and found my way to the waiting area for my flight. Five minutes later, here comes boot man, who takes a seat not far from me. There weren’t that many people in the area, and since he didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with me looking at his boots, I struck up a conversation. “Are those Wescos?” “Yup. You know your boots,” he says. Well, I have about 45 pair, including several pair of Wescos.” “Really?” “Sure do.”

Silence for a bit, until I finally get the courage to ask, “Do you mind if I snap a picture of them with my phone camera?” I thought the best I might be offered would be his boot encased foot. But lo and behold, he pulls up his jeans to reveal a beautiful three buckle Wesco engineer. Beautiful. Just beautiful!

I forgot to mention that I ended up sitting in the row behind the guy on the aisle. More than once I dropped something just to get a closer look at his boots. It was one time I was happy for a long flight.

I wanted to share this true story and the actual pic with all of you guys. I know that you’ll appreciate it.
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Boot sighting story

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Posted by Bill on February 26, 2005 at 15:12:09:
Hi fellow bootmen,
About a year and a half ago, Cabela’s built a big new store at Hamburg, PA. The first time my wife and I were there we each joined the Cabela’s Club, and each received our own Cabela’s Visa card.
Periodically we each receive a card worth around $30.00 if we take it to the store. Whenever this happens, we travel the 25 miles to participate in the venture. Having heard so much about Carhart jeans here, I decided that is what I would get. By using the Cabela’s Visa card I can also build up points. So here’s the situation. I had a voucher for $30.00 and the jeans were $39.95. I used the voucher and then put $9.95 to it from my points.
While washing my hands at the first bowl in the restroom, a fellow came to the paper towel dispenser next to where I was washing. He was wearing a beautiful pair of pointed cowboy. I told him that he had a beautiful pair of boots. He seemed to get rather excited and said, “Why thank you, thank you very much. They are Tony Lama Briars”. And with that he was gone.
After we completed our transactions at Cabela’s, we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Much to my surprise looking over one of the counters was the fellow with the Tony Lama boots. So we talked a little more. I told him I had a boot collection and he asked me which pair was my best. I replied my Lucchese horned back alligator. I also showed him the my Wesco western toe boots with the 18″ shafts.
There was another booted fellow tht I saw at both Cabela’s and The Cracker Barrel, but I didn’t get a chance to talk with mim.

Boots out shopping


While shopping at a Target just west of Boston today, I noticed two men and a woman wandering around the store, I would guess they were in their early twenties. As usual I looked down to see what they had on their feet and as luck would have one of the guys had on a pair of black boots! I think they were Justin’s 14 inch as they seemed to come within about three or four inches of his knees. He was wearing flared jeans that covered most of the boot, but what made them really hot was that the back of the legs were worn from the scalloped top of the boots. I’ve never seen this before but it was a real turn on. I’m really lousy at this writing thing so I hope this makes sense.

Story: I need to buy groceries more often


Needed a few things from the supermarket and one of the first things I saw was a cowboy with jeans tucked into tall stovetop boots with mule ear pulls. First encounter we did the manly nod. Second one I spoke. Third encounter, I asked about the boots. Wow! He really opened up, telling me all about them, pointing out the blunt toe, spur ridge on the heels, etc. We had a good boot talk and I think I saw evidence of rising interest on his part. He couldn’t remember the name of the bootmaker so he asked for my name and number and said when he got home, he’d find one of their catalogs and give me the info. The only downside was that he wore a wedding ring. Sigh.