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  • Boots at Disney World

    A couple weeks ago I read a message from a guy wanting to know if he should wear boots at Disney World. Well, I just returned from there and saw several guys in boots. One guy had on a pair of beautiful engineer boots!!! Saw him coming towards me and waited in anticipation as he […]

  • Walking in cowboy boots

    from posts Do yo guys who wear cowboy boots wear them when you will be doing lots of walking? I have a strong cowboy boot fetish and like to wear them everywhere but people keep telling me they are not made for walking and I will ruin my feet by always wearing them. I […]

  • Story: While shopping for cowboy boots…

    from posts yesterday, some friends and i went to a place in commerce, georgia called Boots, Etc. to buy cowboy boots. Much to our delight, the staff consisted predominantly of college age cowboy types, all of whom not only had on boots but were so well-informed about boot makers, styles, etc. Anyway, I struck […]

  • Story: Orlando Airport Security

    from posts Honey and I just returned from visiting relatives in Florida. At security checkpoint I removed my Bates SR58, seven hole, high shine dress chukka boots. They are my new daily work footwear since my promotion. I like them a whole lot, as they look great no matter what else I’m wearing. So, […]

  • college guys into rubber boots

    from posts Hey Brad, My BF is 24 and not so much into boots as me (he likes leather pants) but he was so curiuos about some rubber hip boots I had for stream & shore fishing that he had to try ’em on. He later wore then to clean our back deck! I […]