Category: Best BOL posts

  • Big win on Poker Night

    My buddies and I get together once a month and play some poker and have a great time, but last night was really different. Eight of us got together at my place and were playing for a while when I decided to pull off my black sharkskin boots and enjoy the nice leather aroma from […]

  • Story: Sharing boots on an airplane

    Hey guys, Have you ever tried this. On my last cross country ride on an airplane I took off my cowboy boots and then stretched out my feet. I pretended to fall asleep for awhile. I carefully watched the guy sitting next to me and waited until he stretched out his feet. Then I moved […]

  • Story: Sharing boots on train

    I usually wear my wesco boss boots when traveling and 10 years ago on the train there was a young guy ,about 18 blond and rather a hunk, who sat next to me in coach at night because I had taken off my boots and he abviously wanted to try them on .He was wearing […]

  • Story: College Kids Wearing Boots

    When I was on campus I always wore cowboy boots and ran into many other guys who did too. One time I was in the library studying. I was sitting at one of those desks that have the high sides so you’re not bothered by people that sit down in the desk right next to […]