2016 Updates

12186343_979089738818491_62797106309669846_oHello everyone, it has been awhile since I published any blog posts and made any changes to the blog. I am still alive and in the process of being a hot bootman. Yes! I wear boots everyday to everywhere, to work, to travel.

Since I haven’t posted any updates for awhile, here is some of my highlights so far:

  • I am openly gay to my family, friends and work.
  • I believe my boots collection has grew up to around 33 pairs. I need to cut down some of my boots by selling them on eBay.
  • I have travelled to multiple fetish events since September 2014. (Folsom 14/15, MAL 15/16, IML 15)
  • I have my own leather outfit (leather shirt, pants, Sam browne belt, armbands, Garrison cap)
  • Recent updates to my boots collection: 2 x ┬áDehner Patrol Boots, Justin Apache cowboy boots…)

P.S. I have finally using a new blog template. It took me a long time to choose a new one. (More exciting contents are coming)

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169 of 196 countries in the world have visited my blog

169 of 196 countries in the world have visited my blog

There are 196 countries in the world.
And 169 different countries have visited my blog.
See how many people are into boots in this world!
Maybe the person who is sitting next to you are into boots just like you.

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New blog header

More natural. Sexier, more toward the goal of perfection. Showing my long legs but short upper body. Do you like it?