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  • Buttero English Riding Boots

    Recently I purchased a pair of Buttero English Riding Boots from ebay. I have never heard this brand until the item showed up on my eBay suggestion items. I set my alarms up at 6 AM on a Monday just to win this pair of beautiful boots. Luckily I won it! When I received the […]

  • WFH 2020

    This year, I have been home alone at lot. I have not been outside as much as I would like to in the beginning of the pandemic. I have not been able to wear my leather fetish outfits to bars or leather/fetish events as much as I would like to. However, it did not stop […]

  • Tecovas cowboy boots are my go to!

    Previously I have shared I don’t like to wear western boots in public. In Dec 2017, I discovered a western boot company in Austin, TX who sells high quality modern western boots at a fair price. I like the color of the leather and they don’t have classic western boots stitching. I felt in love […]

  • Keep your booted friends around

    Long time ago, there was a guest post written by texasbootman. We met and became friends. He moved and now we live in the same city. The internet is so magical and connects people with the similar interests. I thought I was all alone. So if you have a friend who is also into wearing […]

  • Leather pants with Wesco boots