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  • May 2

    its 11:30pm. didnt see his car again….was gone when i woke up at 1pm. i should have wake up early and wait for him come out the house. i really want to who is him. hope to see him again wait for next friday went to a community college library today so I can wear […]

  • Neighbor has a hot pair of knee high riding boots…

    just coming back from OR, there was a car behind me when i was parking my car……that guy come out from his car and he was wearing a pirate hat with prince costume, stretch white pants with a tall black riding boots.  don’t know if they are only boots top or they are real riding […]

  • My warrior

    The pair of boots that I wear almost everyday to school

  • First post…Who am I?

    Hi. Everyone. I am Jon. I was born in 1990. I am male and I want to become a decent bootman in Seattle, WA. I was born in China and I moved to United States after elementary school. Since I was young, I was so passionate about my brother’s dr martens boots and I like […]