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  • Cowboy Boots on Asian Men?

    I have lived in America for awhile and I have always been fascinated by men wearing cowboy boots in public. I like the masculine look of a pair of worn cowboy boots. Cowboy boot heels have such a distinct clicking sound. I could tell by hearing if a man has a pair of cowboy boots on […]

  • Guys pulling boots off…

    I like seeing a guy in nice boots, mostly harness or cowboy boots, as much as any of you, but I get really turned on by thinking about what he’s wearing inside his boots. Few years ago in Junior high, I saw a cute guy changing in the PE locker room, pulling off his cowboy […]

  • Search terms: why do i have a boot fetish?

    Someone search “why do i have a boot fetish?” on google and went on my blog. My answer: I really don’t know. But I want to share why I have a boot fetish as a young age. For my case, I had a boot fetish at a very young age. From kindergarten, I really like one […]

  • RIP,

    Bye,! Thank you for showing me “A nice world of tall boots”. Even I don’t know you, but I really want to thank you! Because of you from France, I started to know more brands of riding boots. Because of  you, I am really into boots now! Because of you, I bought my first […]

  • How do you define bootboy and bootman?

    Since this blog’s title is “my life as a bootboy”, defining bootboy or bootman is kind of subjective. What do you think? How do you define bootboy and bootman? Leave your comment down below. I would love to read them.