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  • Zeb Ringle by Rick Day

          Rufskin hot model – Zeb Ringle by Rick Day

  • Men In Riding Boots….Hmmmm?

    I say, “Hell Yes”! Today, while roaming around NYC after a quick $50 gig (yeah, but they fed us breakfast and lunch, tho 😉 ), I run into…forget his name because he was speaking French to me and it sounded like Johnny Depp was talking to me, ha!…lost my train of thought. Any, why, who… […]

  • Carlos Friere

  • Asian Guys Boots Fashion

    These pictures are from an auction page in Taiwan. They are about $80 USD. Leather is PU Leather. In my opinion, they don’t have a masculine look like American boots.

  • Can men wear wellies?

    In the past five years wellies have made the transition from utility item to desirable fashion accessory. Gone are the days when the boots were only used for herding animals on a mucky farm. They are now part of many city slickers’ wardrobes, and come in colours and styles that match their owners’ handbags. Hunter, […]