Classics – The Aviator

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator

These tall vintage leather lace up boots were made by Wesco.

As Wesco confidently moves toward a century of outstanding craftsmanship, they’ve seen their boots withstand the conditions of Oregon’s timber camps, ride down the mean streets of Sturgis, walk the high fashion runways of New York and Paris and light up the big screen in blockbuster films such as Ghost Rider, Terminator and The Aviator. Ninety-two years later, Wesco’s reputation for quality is known from Scappoose to Japan and most places in between.


Mike Rowe in boots

Henry Cavill in his harness boots

Henry Cavill in his HOT harness boots when he is not wearing his thigh high boots.

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The tudors – men wear thigh high boots show

Who say men can’t wear thigh high boots? Look at how hot they are ! Guys, please your thigh high boots today if you can.

I wish this is men’s winter fashion 2011.