Category: Memories

  • My story, please read this!

    Okay I don’t know if you have read all of my posts or not. But I am telling you a story which is significant to me. Hope you can spend your time to read this. Please bear with my bad grammar even though I have been learning English for my whole life. So back in 2005 […]

  • Internet

    Internet. For me, it is a world of boots. I had a msn group call 長靴俱樂部. I created this group and pretended to all group members that I had a lot of pairs of boots. I made friends with them. but they never know I am just a kid who is only 14 years […]

  • I like to look around and look for stores that sell men’s boots.

    Most of diaries that about boots I wrote are about how I walked around in the city and look for stores that sell men’ s boots. They are in Chinese. And I dont know should I rewrite in English. But here are they. I wrote them when I was age of 14. 2004/8/5 看到一對最高筒的水靴,價錢HK$240 南角道 […]

  • Rubber boots influence…

    I always think the men wearing knee high black rubber boots are so handsome. I like to look at men wearing them in daily basis to work. I started to look at the windows around 5:30 pm. There was a construction site across from our home. I could just see a lot of men wearing […]

  • My first pair of rubber boots

    My first pair of rubber boots that I bought for myself is a pair of black rubber boots. They were mid-calf high. The rubber had a weird smell. I bought them from the shoe store closed to my home in Hong Kong. At the date of June 21, 2004. I told the saleswoman that I […]