My boots Collection

My Boots Collection (Arranged by time)


1. 8 holes Dr.martens

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

Elementary School

2. Timberland 6 inches boots

3. Engineer-like boots (my mum knew I like to wear boots. So she looked for it and bought them for me.) I wore them to school everyday.) I remembered one time I was a girl was wearing boots during recess and I trucked my pants into my boots.)

Middle School

4. Mid-calf Rubber boots (I bought them by myself, and since then, I bought all my boots.) (Boots were magic to me, after I got the next pairs, I cut them in half to see what in there)

5. Knee high rubber boots

High School

6. Dr.martens 14 holes boots (size 9) (Still have them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

They’re kind of my real pair of boots. I remember how I asked my mother to let me buy them. I bought tons of fashion magazine so I can have a page with a Dr.martens boots advertisement on. And I asked my mother to buy it by pointing at it, I was pointing to her the 8 holes boots. The major reason behind this is I remembered seeing a guy wearing a pair of Dr.martens boots, probably 8 holes. He looked really nice in them. Beside, my brother had a pair of DMS 10 holes boots when he was going to secondary school. So I really want a pair. And I went by myself and got my pair in retail price. I saved my money to buy them. My cock was hard the whole time when I was in the store buying them and looking myself wearing them in mirror. So I had to use my school bag to over it. I really like them. They had been with me since 2005.

7. Cole Haan suede waterproof boots (gone!)

(bought them from Cole Haan for $30. Planned to return them. But I was stupid enough that didn’t want to return them because there was a lot of people in line in the service desk. I put them on street in my way home and the next day found out somebody took them.) Now, I think they are so adorable and so easy to put on. They were $1XX.

8. Dr.martens 20 holes boots (size 10) (Lost it!)

(bought them from ebay, gothamcityonline. for $45. I wore them at home mostly when my brother was not home, few times I almost got caught wearing them at home, they are made in England. limited edition. was wore by Kenny in hong kong boyband BoyZ when he was performing in 2004 Twins concert, I hided them under the bridge next to the apartment I lived in, I hided them during my parents came visiting us, and when we moved. After 6 months, I finally learned drive and the first time, they were there, but the second time I drove there, they were gone)

University (when I lived apart from family)

In dorms

9. Chippewa 17 inches engineer boots (SOLD)

I bought two pairs because they were $100 each. They were so cheap so I thought I could sell one of them on ebay and that I can get a pair for free. They were 9EE and 10D. I sold one pair via ebay to a flight attendant (stalked him on facebook). And they other pairs I sold to someone.( I couldn’t find him on facebook.)

10. T.U.K 4 buckle boots (SOLD)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

I bought them from buffalo thrift shop. Bought them and sold them on ebay for a little profit to a college guy. (again stalked on facebook) Wore one time in K marts on Aurora Ave. They have thick sole which I doesn’t like.

11. Dr.martens 20 holes boots (Still having them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

Plain black 20 holes boots, bought them on ebay. They are smooth leather compare to my old pair. They are made in China instead of England. They are softer sole and are kind of see though

Living by myself:

12. Carolina 12 inches Engineer boots (Still having them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

Size 8.5. Bought them from due to I need a pair that I could wear boots everyday to school. First, I thought I want something looks like a shoe and don’t catch people’s eyes. Bought them and found out they will black my white socks. So I had to wear them in black socks. They were not really 12 inches. They are fairly comfortable. My feet will be painful after a long walk or when I need to walk stairs.

13. Chippewa 17 inches Engineer boots (Still having them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

A bootman in Seattle that I met on Hotboots. He was so nice that gaveaway his 17 inches Engineer boots to me. Size 11. They are Brand new so I went to a vendor and exchange for a smaller size for me. Size 8.5 He is so nice! I really want to thank you, Taylor. I only wore them few times and I should wear them more. But now I only feel that them I can wear them when no one knows me.

14. Demonia Maverick thigh high boots (Still having them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

Size 9. Bought them from dues to their free return so I can try to have a pair of thigh high boots. Turned out they were free due to the shipping error UPS made. As of today, I haven’t wore them out and I am planning to, maybe Halloween.

15. Frye 12 inches Harness boots (Still having them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

Size 8. Bought them on ebay.

16. Derby PVC rubber boots (Still having them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

Size 9. Bought them on ebay. Made in Israel. Strong PVC smell. They were tall and fit enough tubing my legs. Natural Shinny look.

You can use Pledge on them to bring up the shine.

17. Devon Aire Field English Riding boots (still having them!)

size 9.5 Bought them on ebay. They are brand new with box.

18. Dan Post Brown Distressed Leather Cowboy boots Size 9 (SOLD)

bought them on ebay.

19. Marlborough Riding boots (still having them!)

uk size 8.5 marked, us size 9.5

20. Frye 12 inches Gaucho Harness boots (still having them!)

Click the image if you want a pair too or more information.

Bought them off from eBay

21. Marlborough Riding boots (still having them!)

Size 10 1/2
The condition is really new. It included with its box. It has wider shaft for me and to wear them. They are too big for me and so I put insoles into them for better wear.

Bought them off from eBay

22. Devon Aire Dress Riding boots (Thinking about selling them!)

Size 8.5
The condition is gently used. The shaft is too small for me and I don’t think like comfortable wearing them. Bought them off from eBay.

25 responses to “My boots Collection”

  1. Hi, I’m very fond of leather boots, jackets, pants, gloves, I’m dreaming with a leathermaster, I’d like very much to contact you
    luke, the bootslave


  2. I just received my fourth pair of harness boots. I bought some new Frye brown gaucho boots like the ones pictured above. Love them!- can’t wait to wear them with my favorite Levis jeans and a football jersey. I recently joined (username- Superboy69) – get in touch if you want to trade boots or other gear.


  3. hi !!!
    really hot boots !!!
    if you wanna swap boots tell me !!!
    I wear a 8.5 size too…
    I’ve got black sendra’s cowboy boots to swap if you want…


  4. I was just in Seattle with my black harness boots – wish someone had shown me your site BEFORE I went out there!


    • dang it! I wish to see you in Seattle with your black harness boots. When were you here? Will you come here again? And where do you live?

      Love to talk to you more!



      • It will be a while before I get back to Seattle 😦
        I live on the East Coast, but love to chat if you are ever on Recon or GF look me up…


  5. Realy great site its well done and realy gets the story thru . Those thigh high boots wear them under your jeans , I wore mine thatway feel goodtoo , ask me ille tell u how if you didnt figureit out . You look great all the pix best in jeans and riding boots , thanks for reading this ,keepbeing you , John BTW pix of me on as jhonnyboot ,


  6. I just spent an hour on your blog. Great blog. I went through the same thing, growing up in HK, educated in the great USA (I am about 10 years ahead of you though, great memories!) Would love to get to know you. I am on GF also, but please send me an email if you’d like.


  7. Enjoyed your blog very much! Thanks for sharing your love for boots. Wear them with pride! Seattle is a relaxed city to wear whatever you want, so go for it. Leather pants story is great. I wear mine and get a few stares, but who cares! I look for boots on ebay all the time. Found some good buys. Next buy… a pair of black riding boots! Thanks, Jose


  8. Just noticed. So you’re Chinese? I’m Asian, too. Everyone who knows I love boots thinks I’m crazy. How about your friends? Are they OK with your love for boots? Man you are hot. The shots w your marlboroughs just about ripped my zipper open. Send you some pics of me in some riding boots, too, but I got a long way to go to look like you. Can I send you my email address privately somehow?


    • Thank you. I can see your email privately. Your email is, right? I didn’t tell my friends I love boots but I just wear them everyday. Why would you care about what people think? Life is short and no one even care what you are wearing. Even they see you wearing your boots, they aren’t going to say anything but just keep doing what they are doing. Dude, it’s 2010 now. We can wear whatever we like to wear. Beside you can look at the fashion mags, lot of male models wear boots. Isn’t this meaning guys can wear boots too? So ya, you should just wear your badass and be proud of them.


    • Ren- Like you, my dick almost rips through my jeans when I see a nice pairs of boots being worn by a sexy guy. Especially if they are harness boots! I love them! I have three pairs and I try to wear them as often as I can. I agree that Bootboy looks great in his! Whether you’re Asian or Latino (like me), wear your boots with pride!


  9. I seen your profile on gearfetish. had to check out your site love the rubber riding boots and jeans look. I always think that boots look there best with jeans and you show them off very good hope to see more boot pics from you.


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