Sexy Zappos boots reviews

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POSTED: Jul 15, 2008
REVIEWER: Rob from San Jose, CA
OVERALL: Rated:5 stars!
COMFORT: Rated:5 stars!
STYLE: Rated:5 stars!

I?ve got my boots seven months ago and since then I don?t leave home without them. I wear ?em long hours and take them off only before going to bed. I found out that on those hot summer days they?re most comfortable with the thinnest socks. I use cyclist-like socks which are very thin, low, and made of light material (polyester or something). It?s almost like wearing ?em barefoot. I actually like the feeling of the leather against my naked skin. If I?m in hurry in the morning, I know I need to wake up 7 minutes earlier to lace them up. Continue reading “Sexy Zappos boots reviews”