Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle

Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle!

I was traveling during the Christmas break. I went to the airport two hours before to see if I can see any bootmen in Seattle. In deed, I saw lot of guys wearing boots. I think I saw like more than five guys wearing boots at the airport. I saw one guy wearing a fashionable cowboy boots with slim jeans. I saw him put them back on after the security checkpoint but I didn’t have chance to take video of it. Continue reading “Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle”

Story: Orlando Airport Security

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Honey and I just returned from visiting relatives in Florida.

At security checkpoint I removed my Bates SR58, seven hole, high shine dress chukka boots. They are my new daily work footwear since my promotion. I like them a whole lot, as they look great no matter what else I’m wearing.

So, I’m sitting on the bench putting them back on. This guy riveted on me(them) so intently that he knocked over a pile of the gray boxes used for all the metal items and the shoes. Huge racket of plastic on hard floor.

I wanted to laugh, but he didn’t need any more embarrassment. Continue reading “Story: Orlando Airport Security”

Line boots at airport security

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I had to fly to a worksite yesterday – and, because of space limitations, had to wear my 18″ wescos rather than packing them. I knew it would be interesting through airport security. The guards said nothing but I could sense that I (really my boots) was the center of interest of the line waiting at the x ray machines as I was taking them off. I heard a few quiet Continue reading “Line boots at airport security”