Bootlust: The hotel dick part 1

Bootlust: The Hotel DickThanks to a member for this HOT PLOT! Small town cop tries to act and dress SUPER MACHO from his spit shined patrol boots to his dark shades. He moon-lights as security at town’s hotel, where a punk-kid guest gets the hots for Sgt Macho’s uniform gear and wants to wear it all himself for crimes he has planned. Punk gets lucky and grabs Sgt Macho’s gun, then orders him, “Gimme that uniform- fer starters, pull off them fine boots and hand ’em over!”

When Sgt Macho’s attitude is “HELL NO! YOU LITTLE DIRT BAG!!” —
the fun starts!

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Studying at Starbucks with my boots on

I was studying at Starbucks with Frye harness boots on! What a day! I saw two guys wearing boots too. One was a 40 years old guy with a leather vest and a pair of Black cowboy boots crossing legs right next to me. Totally an eye candy for me and kind of detractive. The other guy was wearing vintage slim blue jeans with harness boots on too, I guess they were made by Harley Davidson because of the big silver tab on the side of the boots.
I love my Frye harness boots, they are very comfortable! I have worn them for one year! I am getting a new pair because this is kind of small for my feet. They are size 8, I am saving money to get a pair of size 9.


Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle

Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle!

I was traveling during the Christmas break. I went to the airport two hours before to see if I can see any bootmen in Seattle. In deed, I saw lot of guys wearing boots. I think I saw like more than five guys wearing boots at the airport. I saw one guy wearing a fashionable cowboy boots with slim jeans. I saw him put them back on after the security checkpoint but I didn’t have chance to take video of it. Continue reading “Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle”

Seattle Boot sight: Pike Place

It's summer now! What is better than wearing boots with shorts all day long?

Video: Korean Guys Wear boots!

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