Does anyone have any boot swap experience?


I have always been curious about boot swapping. Does anyone of you have any experience of boot swapping? How did you find the person? What boots did you swap? What did you do to make sure the person is legit and not lying to you? Any good experience? Bad experience? Please share your story or comment down below!

Ralph Lauren Men’s Motorcycles Boot

Happy President’ day!

Today was kind of lucky day for me, I went to Nordstrom Rack at Downtown Seattle randomly due to a day off for college kids. I went straight up to the third floor as always to start my boots hunt even I have a pair of Dr.martens 14 holes on my feet. I usually starts browsing from size 10 1/2, even though they are too big for me, and I will browsing to size 8.5. My shoe size is US 9, still want to see if I see some cool boots in other sizes. I kept my head up because I know they always put the tall boots on the top of the shelf. At the aisle for size 9, I saw a really cool pair of tall boots on the top of the middle of the aisle. I went straight to them, they are a cool pair of motorcycle boots. I took them and tried them out. I took off my Dr.martens boots which they were so comfortable for all day wearing. Continue reading “Ralph Lauren Men’s Motorcycles Boot”

Booted Stories: Boot Patrol

By Jason

When I became a motorcycle cop a few years back, when I was still just a nervous kid not really knowing why I ever went to the police academy and still trying to figure out why I left all the girls in high school with broken hearts cause they just didn’t interest me, I remember the sensation of pulling on those patrol boots for the first time.

As a former surfing dude around town who played quarterback on the high school team, I was used to being barefoot or in sandals or athletic shoes all the time. Suddenly, as those tall sturdy boots pulled onto my young, muscular legs, I sensed for the first time without denial what I had been missing and I knew I had an exciting destiny. I knew those boots were going to be used for more than just patrolling the local highways and byways.

I pulled on my leather patrol jacket, my black leather gloves and took to the highway with a fantasy quest pulsing in my tight patrolman pants: to find the bootman of my wildest fucking fantasy.

Actually, months went by and I was just starting to get bored with the whole fucking job when one day, out of the horny blue, I was tooling down the highway and pulled over a little sport scar that was going way too fast. I got off my bike and walked to the driver’s side of the car where a gorgeous Latin boy was sitting looking pretty scared. Continue reading “Booted Stories: Boot Patrol”

Hunter Rubber Boots

Hey everyone, I haven’t post anything for few days. Do you guys still remember me? I am playing with my Hunter Rubber boots.

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