Men’s boot fashion

by Rio

To be honest, I have never been a big bot wearer. My passion for boots was limited on watching beautiful women in beautiful boots. But running our page has raised a question. Is there a fashion for men with boots, which is not connected to functional wear (rubber boots, working boots) nor copied from women’s wear? A fashion that puts men’s aesthetic to the front? There is, but it has not become really popular yet. This is our suggestion for men’s fashion winter/fall 2006. You may have already noticed, that this outfit is very manly and a bit menacingly. The boots have steel toe caps and reach up to the knee. As soon as you put them on, your way of walking changes immediately. Your steps become big, proud and heavy automatically. Continue reading “Men’s boot fashion”

Rant: Just can’t get enough

Demonia 20 Knee High Combat Boots Lace Front-Side Zip-4 Strap Buckle Back-Size 8

Men, darn it! I just missed this eBay listing. They are really great! They are older stock of Demonia boots. I really like the design but could not get it now. Basically they moved their factory to China and they stopped making this style. I actually have a pair of Dr.martens 20 holes and lots of knee high boots. But I just feel like I want to get one more pair. These pair has side zippers for easy on and off. Anyway, I missed it. Hope someone will sell this pair of boots again.

Zeb Ringle by Rick Day




Rufskin hot model – Zeb Ringle by Rick Day

Roll up your pants to show off your hot boots

At the mall

I was thinking how to wear my Chippewa engineer boots with a cool look! Then I got some inspirations from skinheads boots. So I rolled up my pants and show off my boots. It looks great! I like how you can see that skin little bit. Imagine my legs are wrapped tightly with the leather.

Skin + Leather

Men In Riding Boots….Hmmmm?

I say, “Hell Yes”! Today, while roaming around NYC after a quick $50 gig (yeah, but they fed us breakfast and lunch, tho 😉 ), I run into…forget his name because he was speaking French to me and it sounded like Johnny Depp was talking to me, ha!…lost my train of thought.

Any, why, who…

Now, foregoing this chance encounter, I came across this new thingy of men in riding/knee boots that’s seemingly gaining some popularity. I don’t want to sound too…ummm…assuming, but the only men I have seen in these are stylicious “DIVAS”!

Well, Mr. France has turned me into a believer that the Riding Boot has reached the masses and with a little jealousy and envy I might add…The boots are sick!

…..and I’m curious what’s in the Louis V. to go bag!

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