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  • Downtown Seattle Bootsighting

    I was driving in downtown and I spotted this guy wearing a pair of superman/pirates costume boots. From looking closer, they are Funtasma Gotham-100 Boots.

  • Bootsight: Rubber boots in the gym locker room

    I was working out at the gym today for MAL 2015. Yes! I am going! I went into the locker room and I saw this giant rubber boots sitting on top of the lockers. They are Bogs Classic Ultra Hi Rubber Boots. I was lucky there was no one around. I grabbed the right boot and […]

  • A rubber boots guy Encounter

    Tonight was probably the craziest encounter in my life. I was working alone in the library and suddenly I saw a white guy in grey sweatshirt wearing a pair of black knee-high rubber boots and studying. My heart was beating so fast and I obviously had a big turn on in my pants.  His boots […]

  • Second NYC bootsighting

    Nice pair of vintage brown ridging boots Photographed in New York, NY Noteworthy: Edward Green riding boots, contrasting red under-collar, piped silk pocket square. via Unabashedly Prep – Redneck. LOOK AT WHAT PEOPLE COMMENTED: As someone who grew up in the Polo world, it became second nature to see men in tall riding boots. I […]

  • Roll up your pants to show off your hot boots

    I was thinking how to wear my Chippewa engineer boots with a cool look! Then I got some inspirations from skinheads boots. So I rolled up my pants and show off my boots. It looks great! I like how you can see that skin little bit. Imagine my legs are wrapped tightly with the leather.