Downtown Seattle Bootsighting


I was driving in downtown and I spotted this guy wearing a pair of superman/pirates costume boots. From looking closer, they are Funtasma Gotham-100 Boots. Continue reading “Downtown Seattle Bootsighting”

Bootsight: Rubber boots in the gym locker room


I was working out at the gym today for MAL 2015. Yes! I am going! I went into the locker room and I saw this giant rubber boots sitting on top of the lockers. They are Bogs Classic Ultra Hi Rubber Boots. I was lucky there was no one around. I grabbed the right boot and I sniffed inside the boot shaft hard. What A fresh rubber smell! I even put my finger inside the boot to touch the insole and the toe box. INSTANT boner. It was still moist! I sniffed my finger again and again. I had to go to the shower to jerk off right after.


Details about the boots:

  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 12.5″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 16.25″ around
  • 100% waterproof
Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars on (based on 108 customer reviews)

A rubber boots guy Encounter

Tonight was probably the craziest encounter in my life. I was working alone in the library and suddenly I saw a white guy in grey sweatshirt wearing a pair of black knee-high rubber boots and studying. My heart was beating so fast and I obviously had a big turn on in my pants.  His boots looked like those rubber boots that workers in Supermarket would wear. He has dark brown hair, half bald hair. He seemed like in his late-20 years old. He was really serious on his paper. I really wanted to say “Nice boots” to him and just get down and take some photos of his boots. His boots were awesome, I really liked the brown heel. They were really basic boots and wore by him. I had my lace up boots on my feet. We were the only people in the library and who were wearing boots. I had a few times that really to talk to him. My heart just felt like going to expose. I really wanted to talk to him, and I started to imagine what would happen. Would he let me take off his boots? Would he want to be friend with me? Is he nice? Is he going to talk to me? I don’t know. All I could think off was the sweat inside rubber boots and the aroma of his feet with rubber. I really wanted to touch them, feel them, and take them off from him. I had a huge bulge in my pants already. He went up to the bathroom and walked back, his boots are so hot. I know I have to talk to him, and I could not focus on my study. Continue reading “A rubber boots guy Encounter”

Second NYC bootsighting

Nice pair of vintage brown ridging boots

Photographed in New York, NY

Noteworthy: Edward Green riding boots, contrasting red under-collar, piped silk pocket square.

via Unabashedly Prep – Redneck.


As someone who grew up in the Polo world, it became second nature to see men in tall riding boots. I don’t think it looks femme at all. Instead, very polished. I wish more men would take the risk.

IMHO this comes across as slightly more “Euro” than “Prep”, but wow, what a badass look. The jacket is great and the boots are even better.

This is great. Love the boots – suede uppers on a riding boot actually make a lot of sense, better grip.

Roll up your pants to show off your hot boots

At the mall

I was thinking how to wear my Chippewa engineer boots with a cool look! Then I got some inspirations from skinheads boots. So I rolled up my pants and show off my boots. It looks great! I like how you can see that skin little bit. Imagine my legs are wrapped tightly with the leather.

Skin + Leather