Men In Riding Boots….Hmmmm?

I say, “Hell Yes”! Today, while roaming around NYC after a quick $50 gig (yeah, but they fed us breakfast and lunch, tho 😉 ), I run into…forget his name because he was speaking French to me and it sounded like Johnny Depp was talking to me, ha!…lost my train of thought.

Any, why, who…

Now, foregoing this chance encounter, I came across this new thingy of men in riding/knee boots that’s seemingly gaining some popularity. I don’t want to sound too…ummm…assuming, but the only men I have seen in these are stylicious “DIVAS”!

Well, Mr. France has turned me into a believer that the Riding Boot has reached the masses and with a little jealousy and envy I might add…The boots are sick!

…..and I’m curious what’s in the Louis V. to go bag!

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What’s better than wearing my knee high boots in Starbucks?

What’s better than wearing a pair of Chippewa engineer boots in Starbucks?

You can smell the great leather while drinking a cup of hot coffee!

Follow up on Hugh Jackman’s cowboy boots

Hugh Jackman’s cowboy boots in Real Steel


Studying at Starbucks with my boots on

I was studying at Starbucks with Frye harness boots on! What a day! I saw two guys wearing boots too. One was a 40 years old guy with a leather vest and a pair of Black cowboy boots crossing legs right next to me. Totally an eye candy for me and kind of detractive. The other guy was wearing vintage slim blue jeans with harness boots on too, I guess they were made by Harley Davidson because of the big silver tab on the side of the boots.
I love my Frye harness boots, they are very comfortable! I have worn them for one year! I am getting a new pair because this is kind of small for my feet. They are size 8, I am saving money to get a pair of size 9.


Bootsight in a big university campus

Bootsight at Red Square in University of Washington, Seattle.

This guy is so cool. He basically wears his engineer boots every single day I think. I am so proud of him wearing whatever he likes. They are really beaten up, you can see from the photos. I think I had ran to him last year and I asked about what brand are they. He told me they are made by Carolina. I hope to see him around.

P.S. I observed if anyone walked by would stare at his boots. There was absolutely no one notice them. Maybe because this is a very busy urban setting campus. But ya, no one even cares of what he wears. Again, this guy is awesome.

Following his steps…

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