Booted Oikos Commercial

You Could Do Better Featuring John Stamos with his engineer boots on!

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Vampire Diaries – Frye boots show

I was surfing on the internet, and found out this teen TV series – Vampire Diaries. Both main male characters in the show wear some nice Frye boots. It is kind of funny because you rarely see both guys in a show wearing the same pair of boots! I personally like┬áPaul Wesley’s boots better, maybe just because he is taller and he is more handsome than the other guy.


I really like this photo! Paul Wesley with his Frye distressed harness boots. Looks like he’s been wearing them a lot from looking at the sole. And this is not like a photo shoot for the tv series. He might be a bootman too! If you google his name, you probably see some nice boots photos that he featured in some fashion magazine!

Scene that they're both wearing the same kind of boots - Frye. You can see the squared toe!

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Follow up on Hugh Jackman’s cowboy boots

Hugh Jackman’s cowboy boots in Real Steel