Update of my life

ImageSorry guys, I haven’t post about my life for a while. I should go out and take some pictures of myself with my boots on. Let me tell you guys some updates. I purchased a pair of Wesco 18″ engineer boos boots from Mr.S leather for about $450. It is the same price of iPad 2, but I rather spend it on a nice quality boots. And because of that, I am selling some of my boots on eBay now. Not because they are not good as Wesco boots. But I just don’t want to own too many pairs of boots and leave some boots sit in my closet everyday. Life has been treating me quite well, I started to use Grindr and met some guys in the Great Seattle Area. Had some fun dates. But I did not really keep up with them after few weeks due to some shits. However, it was a fun experience that kept me busy for the past few weeks. I learned more how about relationships. I am looking forward for more opportunities now. Plus I am starting to see someone else now.


Boots that I am selling right now
All American Motorcycle Cop Boots Mens Size 9.5

All American Patrol motorcycle cop boots http://www.ebay.com/itm/290702237964

Devon-Aire Knee High Riding Boots Mens 8.5

Devon Aire Riding Boots

Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots Reviews

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I am a guy and I just bought a pair of AMAZING Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots in women’s size from endless.com. I cannot understand why they call this a pair of women’ boots since they are identical to the Dr. Marten’s Unisex Original 20 Eye Boots (in Men’s size), but with side zippers and taller with a wider shaft. I love the side zippers because I don’t like lacing and unlacing them every single time I wear them. It takes less than a minute to put them on or off, not spending 10 minutes lacing or unlacing the 80 holes. I bought the smooth leather option, they are stiffer leather but can cast your leg firmly. They also have an option with softer Buttero leather. I really like these pair of boots and I have been wearing them at home to break them in for the past 24 hours. They are really comfortable. They basically look identical to the unisex model, I bet no one can tell if you are wearing a pair of women’s boots. Even if they know, maybe they are into boots too. For sizing, I have a pair of the unisex 20 holes boots in men’s size 9 and you just go up 2 sizes in women’s size (11). I bought them over endless.com because they have free return service in case they don’t fit you. So I did not mind pay a little extra in case I needed to return them due to wrong sizes. I think for this price is cheap! They have high quality leather, the zippers work great! They are very high quality boots even though there were MADE IN CHINA. I want to wear these EVERY DAY.

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