Bootlust: Porn Star Sebastian Young Sleeper Video

TitleThe SLEEPER HOLD HEAD LOCK was supposed to be all play acting for the big Porn Star,
But somebody didn’t get the word, and SEBASTIAN lies stretched out LIGHTS OUT!
Not to panic…
The cameras are rolling.
The show (or in this case the shoot) must go on!

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Bootlust: The hotel dick part 1

Bootlust: The Hotel DickThanks to a member for this HOT PLOT! Small town cop tries to act and dress SUPER MACHO from his spit shined patrol boots to his dark shades. He moon-lights as security at town’s hotel, where a punk-kid guest gets the hots for Sgt Macho’s uniform gear and wants to wear it all himself for crimes he has planned. Punk gets lucky and grabs Sgt Macho’s gun, then orders him, “Gimme that uniform- fer starters, pull off them fine boots and hand ’em over!”

When Sgt Macho’s attitude is “HELL NO! YOU LITTLE DIRT BAG!!” —
the fun starts!

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My Bootlust Favorite pic: HYPNOTIST

My Bootlust Favorite pic: HYPNOTIST

Love the lug sole of his boots. And of course, his butt.


THE MOTOR SQUAD is in bad need of a bail out. A local rich dude who could end the budget crunch with a single check takes a liking to the squad’s Rookie Rider (MICHAEL JEFFERDS) after MIKE stops him for a traffic offense.   IF the 19 year old Rookie will agree to provide Mr. Money with certain Special Police Services* & measures up to Mr. Money’s exacting requirments, the check will be in the mail !

*MEMO: Capt Ryan- Please supply me with the following documentation: 1) Photos or videos of Trooper Jefferds undressed but still wearing his patrol boots. 2) Photos of his bare feet showing the length of his toes.
3) A video of his chest showing size of his nipples. 4) Photos of his crotch showing penis size both flaccid and fully erect  If I find photo documentation satisfactory, Trooper Jefferds is to report to my residence wearing exactly the uniform he was wearing when he issued me the traffic ticket -i.e. leather jacket, helmet, riding breeches, boots.

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Update of my life

ImageSorry guys, I haven’t post about my life for a while. I should go out and take some pictures of myself with my boots on. Let me tell you guys some updates. I purchased a pair of Wesco 18″ engineer boos boots from Mr.S leather for about $450. It is the same price of iPad 2, but I rather spend it on a nice quality boots. And because of that, I am selling some of my boots on eBay now. Not because they are not good as Wesco boots. But I just don’t want to own too many pairs of boots and leave some boots sit in my closet everyday. Life has been treating me quite well, I started to use Grindr and met some guys in the Great Seattle Area. Had some fun dates. But I did not really keep up with them after few weeks due to some shits. However, it was a fun experience that kept me busy for the past few weeks. I learned more how about relationships. I am looking forward for more opportunities now. Plus I am starting to see someone else now.


Boots that I am selling right now
All American Motorcycle Cop Boots Mens Size 9.5

All American Patrol motorcycle cop boots

Devon-Aire Knee High Riding Boots Mens 8.5

Devon Aire Riding Boots