Stories: Pulling off a pair of Wesco Boss boots

Last night I finished work at 11 pm and I had the urge to go to the gay bar in Capital Hill in Seattle. I had 10 minutes to think should I go or not, I had to 2 times that I can go home but I just decided not to waste tonight chance to meet some guys. I went to the Cuff at around 12 pm. But I did not get in, once I parked my car, I saw 2 guys was wearing 2 pair of hot boots. I approached them and asked them can I take a picture of them. And one of them it actually a transgender and the other guy has eyeliner around his eyes. She was wearing a big coat with Wesco jobmaster and the other guy was wearing a pair of German officer boots with a black leather jacket and a black tight sketch pants. And I just took a pictures of their boots and left. Continue reading “Stories: Pulling off a pair of Wesco Boss boots”

Guys pulling boots off…

I like seeing a guy in nice boots, mostly harness or cowboy boots, as much as any of you, but I get really turned on by thinking about what he’s wearing inside his boots. Few years ago in Junior high, I saw a cute guy changing in the PE locker room, pulling off his cowboy boots to reveal he was wearing bright red wool socks. Ever since, this has been a secret turn on for me. Western movies or TV shows with any scenes where a cowboy had his boots taken from him and was left in his socks also became a big turn on. And also any civil war movies with any scenes where a solder has his boots cut off from him, I would imagine they got to wear their tall boots all day long with pride.

If you have any experiences, please leave a reply here.

Thanks, guys.

Booted Story: Brian’s Boots

A guy’s feet, boots and ball-busting. They’ve been a natural combination that have turned
me on ever since I was a kid. I was lucky enough to grow up in a rural area where a lot of
the boys in my school wore cowboy boots, or ocassionally harness boots. I remember that
a lot of these guys also took perverse pleasure in “using” them. I would feel an
unexplained tingling in my adolescent groin whenever I would hear one of them regailing
their friends with fight stories that would include “…and then I nailed him right in the
NUTS with my BOOTS.” There would often be a wicked smile on their face as they
emphasized the words “nuts” and “boots”, and if I was lucky, they would lift their boot up
and rock it at the ankle and maybe flex their toes, to display their weapon of choice. The
story would continue with something like “…and he was on the ground screamin’, and I
was laughing.” I can’t explain it, as someone who is a peacenik at heart, but that kind of
sadistic, male-on-male cruelty, when you UNDERSTAND the pain you are inflicting, is a
real turn-on.

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121 Movies With Cowboy Boot Shots in Mainstream Movies

1. 24 Hours Til Midnight (black boots with silver toe cap kicking another guy)
2. 3,000 Miles to Graceland (Kevin Costner)
3. 8MM. (Nicholas Cage…”Machine” is wearing Big Bosses in one of the sequences)
4. 8 Seconds (Luke Perry and others wear cowboy boots)
5. All the Pretty Horses (Matt Damon & Henry Thomas sitting down with boots showing)
6. All The Right Moves (Tom Cruise)
7. American Outlaws (Colin Farrell, Scott Caan and others are featured in cowboy boots)
8. Another 48 Hours (Nick Nolte in tan cowboy boots)
9. Aspen Extreme
10. Atame (Spanish film starring Antonio Banderas)
11. Backdraft (William Baldwin…also Kurt Russel in black logger boots)
12. Bad Girls (Dermot Mulroney)
13. Badlands ( Martin Sheen wears pointy-toed cowboy boots)
14. Basic Instinct (“both Michael Douglas and his cop partner…not many boot shots, though”…viewed: no boot shots seen)
15. Beethoven (snakeskin cowboy boots…viewed: nothing to write home about!)
16. Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (locker-room and chicken shack scenes)
17. Big Trouble (Ben Foster wears snakeskin cowboy boots)
18. Blood Simple (both leads wear cowboy boots- in one scene the sleazy guy pushes something on his desk to the other with his boot)
19. Blue Velvet (Dennis Hopper in nice black leather dress jacket and sharp black boots – the scene lasts about two minutes, starting at the 45 minute mark)
20. Body Image (detective jerk)
21. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford and Paul Newman)
22. Chase, The
23. Class (Rob Lowe wore cowboy, harness, and campus boots)
24. Clueless (harness boots)
25. Cocktail (Tom Cruise)
26. Colorado Territory (1940’s movie – all actors wearing cowboy boots with pants tucked into boots)
27. Coogan’s Bluff (Clint Eastwood as cowboy cop)
28. Cowboy Up (Kiefer Sutherland)
29. Cowboy Way (Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland)
30. Cowboys and Angels
31. Crocodile Dundee (brown cowboy boots…stepping on a guy’s head?)
32. Crocodile Dundee II (evil Indian in boots with steel capped toes)
33. D. C. Cab
34. Dakota
35. Danger Zone II – Reaper’s Revenge (black engineer boots, stepping on a guy’s face)
36. Dark Half (“evil” character wears black cowboy boots)
37. Dazed and Confused (Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey, I think)
38. Desperado (Antonio Banderas, black booted, in remake of El Mariachi)
39. Devil’s Advocate (Keanu Reeves, opening scene is best)
40. Donnie Brasco
41. Duel (1972 Steven Spielberg film with Dennis Weaver and lots of cowboy booted guys)
42. El Mariachi (Mexican film, hot black snakeskin boots)
43. Experts, The (John Travolta and Arye Gross both wear cowboy boots)
44. Extremities (James Russo wears snakeskin boots)
45. Eye of the Stranger
46. Fandango (Kevin Costner)
47. Final Justice (Joe Don Baker in python boots)
48. Footloose (viewed: nothing to write home about)
49. 48 Hours (Nick Nolte in tan cowboy boots)
50. Giant (scenes with both Rock Hudson and James Dean)
51. Guns of Honour (old-fashioned cowboy boots, one scene where one man steps on another’s face)
52. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
53. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (Kevin Bernhard wears red cowboy boots)
54. Hi-Lo Country (Woody Harrelson & Billy Crudup standing at a gate)
55. Hidalgo (Viggo Mortensen – a few decent boot shots)
56. Hit List (with Jeff Fahey)
57. Hope Floats (Harry Connick Jr.)
58. Horse Sense (TV Movie starring Joey Lawrence)
59. Hud (old Paul Newman film – lots of boots with underslung heels and pointed toes are shown)
60. James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young (Casper Van Dien)
61. Jaws 3-D (the actor who played Dennis Quaid‘s younger brother wears tight jeans and cowboy boots)
62. Johnny Be Good (Anthony Michael Hall, only one scene halfway through, but a really good one)
63. Kuffs (Christian Slater, close-up at beginning when he drops a package and later when is bound to a chair)
64. Lassie 1994
65. Last Action Hero (Schwarzenegger wears Snakeskin cowboy boots)
66. Last Man Standing (Bruce Willis, but another character has hotter boots)
67. Lawnmower Man (Jeff Fahey)
68. Lethal Weapon (Mel Gibson in two scenes, different boots, but each scene lasts only a few seconds)
69. Loaded Weapon 1, National Lampoon’s (Emilio Estevez in cowboy boots, crushes small objects in opening of movie)
70. Lone Star State of Mind (good shots of Joshua Jackson & Matt Davis in boots)
71. Lonesome Dove (TV mini-series)
72. Lonestar (Matthew McConaughey – horrible movie if I remember right)
73. Love and Other Human Remains (gay friend of dominatrix has her client lick his boots…he’s not into it, so scene isn’t much of a turn-on…and boots are white!)
74. Magnificent Seven (original and remake).
75. Maverick (Mel Gibson and James Garner pass Mel`s boots back and forth while Mel bathes…saw this movie, don’t remember a scene that turned me on…)
76. Men at Work
77. Mr. Jones (Richard Gere in hot, black toe-capped boots)
78. Narrow Margin (“bad guy” wears cowboy boots)
79. National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon I (Emilio Estevez – first scene really great)
80. Near Dark (Bill Paxton plays a vampire who uses his spur to begin his meal)
81. Necessary Roughness
82. Ned Kelly (Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom)
83. Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (Dennis Quaid)
84. On The Border (Casper Van Dien in boots, has boot on his face in another scene)
85. The Outsiders (Emilio Estevez in cowboy boots, plus Matt Dillon in engineer boots)
86. Oxford Blues (Rob Lowe in black cowboy boots)
87. Postcards from the Edge (Dennis Quaid, but no real good boot shots)
88. Psycho III (Jeff Fahey)
89. Pure Country (both George Strait and Kyle Chandler, a few good boot shots)
90. Quiet Cool (lots of good shots of engineer boots, film stars James Lemar)
91. Raising Arizona (Nicolas Cage wears cowboy boots and the bad guy’s motorcycle boots are featured)
92. Red Rock West (both Nicholas Cage and Dennis Hopper)
93. Red Surf (George Clooney and Matt Savant in engineer boots)
94. Rock, The (Nicholas Cage in snakeskin boots)
95. Romancing The Stone (Michael Douglas, final scene only, but a really good shot)
96. Scrooged (Bill Murray wears black lizard boots)
97. Silverado ( Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Scott Glenn, etc.)
98. Slumber Party Massacre 2
99. Smokey and the Bandit (Burt Reynolds wearing high under-slung heeled boots)
100. Something Wild (Ray Liotta in hot black boots with toe caps)
101. Sunset Heat (Michael Pare)
102. Support Your Local Sherriff
103. Swindle
104. Tape (Ethan Hawke wears cowboy boots in this one too)
105. Taxi Driver (Robert De Niro, young and fit looking; many good cowboy boot shots)
106. Tex (Matt Dillon)
107. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Dennis Hopper)
108. Texas Rangers (Dylan McDermott & James van der Beek on horses with boots visible)
109. Thelma and Louise (Brad Pitt might be in wing-tip cowboy boots – cop in cowboy boots)
110. The Thing Called Love (a lot of boot shots – stars River Phoenix and Dylan McDermott)
111. Tombstone (Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell and others in cowboy boots)
112. Top Gun (only one scene where boots aren’t really visible – long-distance shot)
113. Tremors (Kevin Bacon wears pointy cowboy boots)
114. Twister (Bill Paxton)
115. Under Siege (Tommy Lee Jones in brass-tipped black cowboy boots)
116. U-Turn (Sean Penn)
117. Varsity Blues (Scott Caan, saw this but don’t remember any good boot shots)
118. Who’s Harry Crumb? (at the end John Candy kicks his boots off at the bad guy)
119. Wraith, The (Nick Cassavetes wears black boots with silver caps. Charlie Sheen also booted.)
120. Young Guns I & II (Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Dermot Mulroney, Kiefer Sutherland)
121. Young Riders (Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin and othes as cowboys)

Booted Stories: Boot Patrol

By Jason

When I became a motorcycle cop a few years back, when I was still just a nervous kid not really knowing why I ever went to the police academy and still trying to figure out why I left all the girls in high school with broken hearts cause they just didn’t interest me, I remember the sensation of pulling on those patrol boots for the first time.

As a former surfing dude around town who played quarterback on the high school team, I was used to being barefoot or in sandals or athletic shoes all the time. Suddenly, as those tall sturdy boots pulled onto my young, muscular legs, I sensed for the first time without denial what I had been missing and I knew I had an exciting destiny. I knew those boots were going to be used for more than just patrolling the local highways and byways.

I pulled on my leather patrol jacket, my black leather gloves and took to the highway with a fantasy quest pulsing in my tight patrolman pants: to find the bootman of my wildest fucking fantasy.

Actually, months went by and I was just starting to get bored with the whole fucking job when one day, out of the horny blue, I was tooling down the highway and pulled over a little sport scar that was going way too fast. I got off my bike and walked to the driver’s side of the car where a gorgeous Latin boy was sitting looking pretty scared. Continue reading “Booted Stories: Boot Patrol”