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  • Bootlust: I want your boots, Trooper STAFFORD

    The TASING Of Trooper STAFFORD Jack STAFFORD is obviously proud of his uniform and he image of invulnerability it gives him. He pauses to admire himself in a full length mirror as he pulls on each piece of motor cop gear- his riding breeches, gun belt, leather jacket, helmet, and PATROL BOOTS. Opening scenes inspired […]

  • Bootlust: Nazi Hotel

    A pair of cocky NAZI Junior Officers are offered free (spiked) beers by friendly old innkeeper who makes sure they drink up by offering toast after toast to their “Magnificent Fighting Spirit”. Before they drain their bottles, they’ve pass out cold. He strips both young men and suspends them from the ceiling in the Inn’s […]

  • Bootlust: The hotel dick part 1

    Small town cop tries to act and dress SUPER MACHO from his spit shined patrol boots to his dark shades.

  • Boolust: The MISSING 4 HOURS

    This is one of my favorite postings I like that keep me subscribe to Bootlust membership for the past few months. Kid (Jake) is having fantasies about a hot local motor cop (Stafford) – Impossible fants in which this STR8 cop accepts Jake’s invite to come home with him . Even more impossible, Stafford lets Jake […]

  • Bootlust: IMPERSONATOR

    This video collection is all about WHO’S REALLY IN CONTROL. The IMPERSONATOR is high on a POWER TRIP. He’s sure the stolen motorcop uniform and those high black boots he’ s wearing as he struts into Jake’s pad will intimidate JAKE. The boy will have to obey any order he is given.   And every […]