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  • Bootlust: Nazi Hotel

    A pair of cocky NAZI Junior Officers are offered free (spiked) beers by friendly old innkeeper who makes sure they drink up by offering toast after toast to their “Magnificent Fighting Spirit”. Before they drain their bottles, they’ve pass out cold. He strips both young men and suspends them from the ceiling in the Inn’s […]

  • Bootlust: Personal Tailor


    THE MOTOR SQUAD is in bad need of a bail out. A local rich dude who could end the budget crunch with a single check takes a liking to the squad’s Rookie Rider (MICHAEL JEFFERDS) after MIKE stops him for a traffic offense.   IF the 19 year old Rookie will agree to provide Mr. Money […]

  • Videos: Booted Cop captured stripped

    Rookie motor cop was supposed to be just an errand boy making collections for the mob,    but the vigilantes had another mission in mind for him. Want Full Length video and stills, click “Continue Reading” if you are 18+.

  • Video: Trooper Stafford – Laying Down The LAW Part 3

    PART 3 TROOPER STAFFORD plays a little rough with two young prisoners when trio is stranded in a cheap motel over night. Then it’s UP YOURS SIR when the prisoners take control. Click “Continue reading »” only if u are 18+.