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  • Sexy Zappos boots reviews

    Dr.martens 20 holes 9663 Sexy Reviews: POSTED: Jul 15, 2008 REVIEWER: Rob from San Jose, CA OVERALL: Rated:5 stars! COMFORT: Rated:5 stars! STYLE: Rated:5 stars! I?ve got my boots seven months ago and since then I don?t leave home without them. I wear ?em long hours and take them off only before going to bed. […]

  • Boot sight on the bus

    Caught him in the bus stop. Luckily we are on the same bus and he was sitting the other side. I believe they are Dr.Martens boots. They are either 14 holes or 10 holes. I was checking his boots and he was checking my boots I think. And when I looked at him, I believe […]

  • 今天, 我算買了一對Dr.martens 20i 靴了~~

    在學校見到個個senior著住佢對20孔靴加黑短褲,令我今天一定要Dr.martens 20i 靴, 然後就好似佢咁和個個在bus stop個個人~!!!!! 在ebay,都想了很久了, 上一次個對係us 10的, 但價錢太高了, 所以outbid了, 今次係us 11, 應該唔係好合我的腳,但喜歡就沒去了, 而且, 今次都冇上次咁高, w/ship全數目$45. Continues from this post… The pair of knee high lacing black boots is Demonia Jungle boots. They have side zippers for easy on/off. They are made of calves and real leather. Now there is no way you can get […]