When Trooper Stafford checked into my hotel, I almost didn’t offer him my FREE MANAGER’S UP-GRADE to my SPECIAL LUXURY SUITE…that’s were I’d rigged up all my hidden ZOOM LENS SPY-CAMs and STEREO MICS. This motor cop was certainly rugged and handsome enough to qualify for my “UPGRADE SPECIAL” , but I hesitated. Maybe beause of his uniform, leather jacket and those tall boots, he seemed way too serious and business-like. INTIMIDATING! He looked like the kind of straight arrow boy who’d waste his whole evening in our FITNESS CENTER.

My LUXURY SUITE UPGRADE was reserved for those young dudes who I was pretty sure would close the room door, flip on the porn channel , strip down to their socks, and grab hold of their cocks….(as most of them did with me recordin’ it all back in my private office.)

Sure am glad I took a chance on Trooper Stafford. He never went near that Fitness Center, but once he got out of his boots and uniform and into a nice warm bath, he did show me quite a work-out!

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Boots and dress attire

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Currently, I work in a casual blue collar job doing shipping & receiving and wear boots everyday, all the time.
I start a new job in a few weeks doing customer service in an office environment.
I’m pretty sure I will have to wear casual or dress slacks (no jeans) and a collared shirt, hopefully not a dress shirt.
What boots would look acceptable with business casual attire or even with shirt and tie?
I have black boss and highliners, both 20", 10" black chippewa Continue reading “Boots and dress attire”