Booted Oikos Commercial

You Could Do Better Featuring John Stamos with his engineer boots on!

stamos1 stamos2

Naked with Boots on

Once upon a time” is a great TV series to watch. Especially there are tons of hot BOOTS shots in every single episode. This week, let’s see hot boots pictures from season 1 episode 16.

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Did you guys know you can use iPad here?

It’s a beautiful app-like experience for iPad users.

Wearing my knee high engineer boots at a park

It was nice today and so I wore my knee high engineer boots to a local park. I was walking in them tucked in my grey slim fit jeans with my confident. There were lots of people passing by me but I did not care. I just have a feeling that I can wear whatever I wants and I was enjoying the moment. I just love to wear my Chippewa Engineer boots everywhere now. Here are the closeups of my boots. They are JUST DAMN comfortable. Thank for a bootman in Seattle so I can wear them. 

Crossing my legs!

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