Booted Oikos Commercial You Could Do Better Featuring John Stamos with his engineer boots on!

Naked with Boots on

"Once upon a time" is a great TV series to watch. Especially there are tons of hot BOOTS shots in every single episode. This week, let's see hot boots pictures from season 1 episode 16.  

Did you guys know you can use iPad here?

Did you guys know you can use iPad here?

It's a beautiful app-like experience for iPad users.

Wearing my knee high engineer boots at a park

Roll up your pants to show off your hot boots

I was thinking how to wear my Chippewa engineer boots with a cool look! Then I got some inspirations from skinheads boots. So I rolled up my pants and show off my boots. It looks great! I like how you can see that skin little bit. Imagine my legs are wrapped tightly with the leather.