I am making a fashion statement!

I am making a fashion statement!

It has been a Long Long time since I post my photos. I had been really busy with everything. I am still wearing my tall boots everyday. This is my new outfit for this new school year.

Polo, T-shirts with slim cords pants and my tall 17 inches Chippewa Engineer boots (Size 9).

Stay tuned and I will post more pics. Thank you for your supports.

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What’s better than wearing my knee high boots in Starbucks?

What’s better than wearing a pair of Chippewa engineer boots in Starbucks?

You can smell the great leather while drinking a cup of hot coffee!

Bootsight in a big university campus

Bootsight at Red Square in University of Washington, Seattle.

This guy is so cool. He basically wears his engineer boots every single day I think. I am so proud of him wearing whatever he likes. They are really beaten up, you can see from the photos. I think I had ran to him last year and I asked about what brand are they. He told me they are made by Carolina. I hope to see him around.

P.S. I observed if anyone walked by would stare at his boots. There was absolutely no one notice them. Maybe because this is a very busy urban setting campus. But ya, no one even cares of what he wears. Again, this guy is awesome.

Following his steps…

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