Tag: Fantasy

  • Boolust: The MISSING 4 HOURS

    This is one of my favorite postings I like that keep me subscribe to Bootlust membership for the past few months. Kid (Jake) is having fantasies about a hot local motor cop (Stafford) –¬†Impossible fants in which this STR8 cop accepts Jake’s invite to come home with him . Even more impossible, Stafford lets Jake […]

  • Bootlust: IMPERSONATOR

    This video collection is all about WHO’S REALLY IN CONTROL. The IMPERSONATOR is high on a POWER TRIP. He’s sure the stolen motorcop uniform and those high black boots he’ s wearing as he struts into Jake’s pad will intimidate JAKE. The boy will have to obey any order he is given. ¬† And every […]

  • Video: Fantasy Cop Stop Part 2

    The boy knew all was not right when he drove into that thick fog bank and even his geo positioning screen went blank. No sooner did he emerge from the strange mists, then he saw the flashing red lights and heard the siren of a motorcycle cop. Now as the muscular officer in his tall […]

  • Would you rather wearing someone’s leather pants?

    For me, I think my sense of smell is too sensitive. I don’t like the smell of stink or old leather smell. I can’t stand them. Yesterday, I saw a pair of leather plants at Goodwill, a thrift store. They were only $15. I bought them just to try them. I thought leather pants should […]