Bootlust: I want your boots, Trooper STAFFORD



Jack STAFFORD is obviously proud of his uniform and he image of invulnerability it gives him. He pauses to admire himself in a full length mirror as he pulls on each piece of motor cop gear- his riding breeches, gun belt, leather jacket, helmet, and PATROL BOOTS.

Opening scenes inspired by that greatest of all Motor Cop movies: ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE

Enter a tall kid with a high voltage TASER hidden in the back pocket of his jeans. He ZAPS Jack to the max and doesn’t stop til the trooper lies sprawled out at the kid’s feet, his powerful muscles   twitching….useless. Is Jack trying to run? His boots spaz around in pointless little circles on the carpet reminding the kid of the way a sleeping dog’s legs move when he’s having a bad dream. No way Jack can stop the kid as he yanks down Jack’s uniform breeches and jams a needle filled with horse tranquilizer into Jack’s butt.

Then the kid is free to take what he came for.

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Bootsight: Rubber boots in the gym locker room


I was working out at the gym today for MAL 2015. Yes! I am going! I went into the locker room and I saw this giant rubber boots sitting on top of the lockers. They are Bogs Classic Ultra Hi Rubber Boots. I was lucky there was no one around. I grabbed the right boot and I sniffed inside the boot shaft hard. What A fresh rubber smell! I even put my finger inside the boot to touch the insole and the toe box. INSTANT boner. It was still moist! I sniffed my finger again and again. I had to go to the shower to jerk off right after.


Details about the boots:

  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 12.5″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 16.25″ around
  • 100% waterproof
Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars on (based on 108 customer reviews)

Bootlust: Porn Star Sebastian Young Sleeper Video

TitleThe SLEEPER HOLD HEAD LOCK was supposed to be all play acting for the big Porn Star,
But somebody didn’t get the word, and SEBASTIAN lies stretched out LIGHTS OUT!
Not to panic…
The cameras are rolling.
The show (or in this case the shoot) must go on!

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Bootlust: I Want Reef’s Boots


The squad Capt gives Trooper Budge a chance to win that awesome pair of patrol boos with a shooting contest. No need to go to the firing range because Budge will bust his load right across the Capt’s desk with Troop Reef’s boots in front of him.

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Coming out as a bootman

So I have often been told by my friends that I am the most straight acting gay guy in the world. This makes some sense because most of my friends are straight and associate anything related to gay guys with what they see on TV. For many of my friends, I am their only gay friend they have, and since I don’t fit the stereotype of what they see on TV they think I am straight acting. At times I have found this somewhat offensive, since I felt like my friends were constantly comparing me to a stereotype. Because of this fear I never told my friends about my boot and leather fetish, even though they were often telling me about their sexual interests. I essentially led two lives until recently, when I finally told my friends I am a bootman. But before we get to far ahead, let me give you some back story.

I grew up as a military brat on military bases. From a very early age I was surrounded by men in boots. My father, a military aviator, used to take me to his squadron when I wasn’t in school. Back when I was 5 or 6, only men flew combat jets, and it was a very masculine career field. Even my dad will tell you, back in those days it was a boys club. I remember how cool my dad and his fellow squadron mates were. The flew sleek fast jets, they were always warm and welcoming to me, always having a good time, and above all had a damn good wardrobe. Flight boots and flight suits. Almost every masculine figure in my life from when I was born until I was 20 wore boots and flew jets. It was all I was ever surrounded by, and I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like them wearing boots and flying jets. Continue reading “Coming out as a bootman”