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  • Bootlust: Handsome Young Man in Tall Riding Boots Getting Even

    Budge is a very rich young man. CAPTAIN OF HIS OWN POLO TEAM! All inherited money, but lots of it. Captain Budge has some exotic tastes way beyond the fine wine he enjoys while we watches as his custom riding boots are spit shined. That must be done while he wears them. When he’s satisfied with the […]

  • Bootlust Video: I want your cowboy boots Bitches

    UP TILL NOW our escapee has been having it all his way. He gets to keep changing his identity on the run by stealing the clothes (and pulling on the BOOTS) of dudes he’s fanastized about all his life– that’s after he’s knocked ’em out cold with the INSTANT RAG DOLL SPRAY he stole form […]

  • Bootlust: I Want Reef’s Boots

    The squad Capt gives Trooper Budge a chance to win that awesome pair of patrol boos with a shooting contest. No need to go to the firing range because Budge will bust his load right across the Capt’s desk with Troop Reef’s boots in front of him. Click more only if you are 18+.

  • Bootlust: The TRAINER

    A young rider has the hots for handsome ZAK, his trainer in equestrian competitions. Trouble is the rider has a very jelious boyfriend with some very kinky planes for trainer ZAK. Click more only if you are 18+.

  • Bootlust: The CRIME BOSS and the COP

    The CRIME BOSS and the COP Trooper STAFFORD makes the mistake of trying to cheat the BIG BOSS he’s been doing business with. His penalty: provide the Big Boss with SPECIAL POLICE SERVICES. “SPECIAL POLICE SERVICES“: BOOT LICKING & SNIFFING, TOE SUCKING,  PROBING, PINCHING, TEASING BALLS…(for starters) Click more only if you are 18+.