Bootsighting At School

Fall is HERE and that means Boots Season is here. It's time to look at what's on guys' feet.

Vampire Diaries – Frye boots show

I was surfing on the internet, and found out this teen TV series - Vampire Diaries. Both main male characters in the show wear some nice Frye boots. It is kind of funny because you rarely see both guys in a show wearing the same pair of boots! I personally like Paul Wesley's boots better, maybe … Continue reading Vampire Diaries – Frye boots show

Studying at Starbucks with my boots on

I was studying at Starbucks with Frye harness boots on! What a day! I saw two guys wearing boots too. One was a 40 years old guy with a leather vest and a pair of Black cowboy boots crossing legs right next to me. Totally an eye candy for me and kind of detractive. The … Continue reading Studying at Starbucks with my boots on

First time: Leather pants + boots

As I promised that I will post pics of me wearing leather pants + hot boots, here they are. This is the first time I wear leather pants. The boots in the pics are Frye 12 inches Harness boots. I kind of like wearing leather pants. I like the way they cover my legs. Unfortunately, … Continue reading First time: Leather pants + boots

12″ Frye Harness boots Photoshoot

This is for Dan. He asked me to post more pics of my harness boots. And here they are. They look awesome! Hope you like them, Dan.