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  • Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle

    Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle! I was traveling during the Christmas break. I went to the airport two hours before to see if I can see any bootmen in Seattle. In deed, I saw lot of guys wearing boots. I think I saw like more than five guys wearing boots at the airport. I […]

  • Just saw a guy wear Frye Harness boots in Safeway

    I was in Safeway buying some grocery. And I saw a guy with dark blue straight cut jeans wearing a pair of Gaucho color harness boots. I can see his tall handsome shafts hiding in his jeans. I love this feeling that seeing other guys wearing them. And I felt they look hotter on him. […]

  • First time: Leather pants + boots

    As I promised that I will post pics of me wearing leather pants + hot boots, here they are. This is the first time I wear leather pants. The boots in the pics are Frye 12 inches Harness boots. I kind of like wearing leather pants. I like the way they cover my legs. Unfortunately, […]

  • 12″ Frye Harness boots Photoshoot

    This is for Dan. He asked me to post more pics of my harness boots. And here they are. They look awesome! Hope you like them, Dan.

  • A guy wearing his Harness boots at the library

    These photos are taken in my university library on 3/9/2010 6:45pm. The guy was really shocking me when he has a really nice pair of brown leather harness boots. I really thought that he is a good boots wearer because he is skinny and tall. And the brown leather from Frye really shows the character. […]